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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why You Should Blog

My blogging friend Heather had a good post on why you should blog.
It was simple.
Going back over our days and months through my blog is fun! It's like a scrapbook.
It's a reminder of the good times I have all too quickly forgotten.

August 2009 has been me quitting my job, Vaughan going back to school and of course the ending of a summer that consisted of 2 dog deaths for us.
August of 2008 was Vaughan's first year in school plus we were dealing with Tropical Storm Fay and the fun she brought.
August of 2007 we were having our second annual Lord of the Rings Fest and knee deep in football. It was also my first year working and home schooling. I was also still referring to my kids by their nicknames because someone had put the fear of God in me over using their real names on my blog.
August 2006 was when I started back to blogging. I had started early in 2006 and then same person who freaked me about the name deal with my kids freaked me enough to delete my blog entries. I then went back and forth blogging here and on myspace.

So how about you, what were you doing over the last 3 years?
Even if you didn't blog, think back, I'd love to hear about it!

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