Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Court This Month

So we went to court last week and as the justice system works we sat around for over 2 hours to get our 2 minutes in front of the judge asking for a continuance.

A failed transport of Aubry's bio-dad from the local county jail due to a misspelling of his name in his most recent arrest meant we couldn't proceed,
instead we will sit back in front of the judge in early December.

In case you haven't been keeping up we are going in front of the judge to ask him to change Aubry's case plan from reunification with her bio-parents to terminating their parental rights which will them allow her to be available for adoption, she is a ward of the state right now, and once she is available for adoption we can then wait for our day in front of the judge to, Lord willing, make that little girl a legal part of our family.

Now if there is parental resistance we'll go to trial.

So for another couple weeks we wait and then
we'll see-

good news...
this time we don't have to take Aubry!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Packing the Dinner Table in Your Knapsack

So my family and I haven't regularly sat around a dinner table together in years!

I read a recent FB post on family dinners and my heart ached a little, my initial reaction was "I want the family dinners like they have";

but they're not my family. 

They are a great family and they do family well but what fits them doesn't necessarily fit us all, and that's OK.

I am a fan of family dinners and we enjoyed them for many years but then, suddenly, for us- life happened. 

With that the family dinner slipped away from our reach.

But this is not a story of how I feel my family is out of touch with one another, 

on the contrary
this is a story of how we live life together.
How we've packed the family dinner table into our knapsacks and taken it on the road.

Family dinner was replaced with lunch at dad's shop
or a car ride just the lot of us laughing the whole way.

I am a big fan of family bonding around the dinner table and I think we're headed that way again soon but until then I'll take the conversations driving him to work, 

the late night bedroom chats 
and the last minute meet-ups at movie sets!! 

So if family dinner isn't working for you, find something else; a way to bond and connect, to make memories and create moments.

What are some ways you connect with your family?

Here's a link to some themed family nights we've done

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keeping Permanent Markers Away From Child

You may remember that I have been weeding out around here.
Well when I returned from my trip to Rhode Island I was inspired by my friend Niki to paint some of my dark wood.
I decided to start with the dining room table.
Only I haven't painted it yet but I have moved it out of the dining room.
Which, if you have a young child, is awesome!

I love having an empty room.
Easy to vacuum, easy to play in.
To see a taste of what we do in that open space go here.

But I am now met with a bit of a dilemma.
Tomorrow is Aubry's birthday party and we have no table to gather around.
On a  day to day we gather around our 10 foot bar but that will be a buffet of cookies and treats.
So the great furniture swap is happening today as treadmill, bookcase and craft table all migrate for a season and hopefully somewhere along the way we'll keep our wide open space!

Oh and why the title? because I had to navigate typing this blog and keeping permanent markers away form Aubry.
Smile today,

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Love is deep

Happy November.
I can't believe this year is almost over.
Aubry will be 2 years old this month, wow!
It seems like yesterday I got the call saying I was the guardian/parent of a newborn baby girl.

1 week.
That's the time we had to prepare to bring a baby home.
No time to pick out wall colors or bedding themes,
no time to shop for baby furniture or clothes.

The girls at work threw us a baby shower the day after she came home form the hospital..
We got a tone of stuff!
and then for the last 2 years we've been overflowing with blessings.

We go to court next week; this time asking the judge to change the case plan from "reunification" to "adoption". Both her parents agree Aubry should stay in our home; so now they need to sign over their rights. 
I can't imagine making that decision.

Of course I think that's what's best for Aubry.

So I trust this whole process to the Lord.

Life is looking a little different now; Aubry bio-dad's side of the family makes visits as does her bio-mom. It's kind of a divorce family meets adoption with a whole lotta love stirred in.

Ya know I love her like my own kid.
No different.
Not that I thought I wouldn't love her a ton, I just didn't realize this magnitude of love.

I am amazed at the length of love.
The depth of it. 
Having my own kids is when the roots of love grew deep in my heart; then it overflowed to Steve.
It would be years before I'd feel that love for a student, a friend, a sister.
But there is something about your own kids. You hug them, love them, shake your head at them.
They amaze you,
baffle you and frustrate you beyond all comprehension.

They warm your heart,
bless it, melt it, make it smile
and sometimes break it right inside your chest.

Oh that's how I feel for Aubry May, deep rooted love grown on my inside.
Oh how I trust and hope this adoption goes through.

Well I'v been laying low on this subject because I just don't always know what to say, what to share and when. I'll be back with an update.

For now there is a birthday to plan, Thanksgiving to be hosted, family in town and then a fabulous trip with Illana, Stevie and their parents.

I leave you with this from Philippians chapter 4
"...the Lord is at hand, be anxious for nothing..."

If you need that reminder then claim it, grab it, believe it.
Look at your hand, the Lord is there, He's got it- so enjoy it!!!

Love a little more today, the one you wanna avoid,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have certainly been sparadic on the blog.
All is well.
I am still off the FB and loving it!
When I see people I have no idea what their life has been so I get to ask them about it!!

I've also been traveling.
Back to my NH hometown for my 20th high school reunion; gotta say it was a blast! When the reunion idea was first out there I was hesitant; not sure why but I was, then I realized it had been 20 years and we shared an experience together and so traveling back for the reunion could only be a fun time.
And it was.

The best part of the whole weekend was the 6.5 mile hike with my 17 year old.
It was awesome sharing that love of hiking and the love of my local mountain. 

After that quick weekend Steve and I dropped Justin off at the airport for home and I made my way for another week with a friend in Newport, RI.

The worst thing about vacation is coming home and realizing the dishes and laundry, floors and porch all need to be tended to. Reality or real life is not always as fun after a vacation; so I am currently settling in to the life I live, the life I love.

Here are some photos to make us all smile: 
Justin and I almost to the top of Mt Sunapee

Aubry learned to climb rocks and stone walls

Justin and I explored the river

My current kids at home
Coggeshall Farms in Rhode Island

My RI hostess, nanny, other mom, driver, decorator, dinner cooker and overall great friend: Niki
For a few minutes we thought she may have her own seat, I don't think she ever got over the fact that she had to give it up-- Orlando flights tend to be full.

So that was a brief recap.
I've been being intentional about going back to my roots {read about it in this post} and settling in more at home.
Saying no to things of new and sadly to things of old.
Quieting down.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where'd My Joy Go?

somewhere along the road of my journey I lost my joy.
Lost may be a far fetched word and I most likely choose to misplace it.
Misdirect it.
OK, so like my hairbrush, my wallet and my keys, I lost it.
For now.
for then.

I'm getting it back.
But it's coming.


As I sat across my kitchen counter I asked her, "what's the deal with joy?"
She shared the above acronym and the tears swelled up.
"I don't even need to share with you what I wanted to share" I said
"For all I have to say deals with me."

See I was trying to spell joy, yoj or yjo.
Either way I was working hard at making the "y" sound say the "j" sound.
Working hard and keeping me first and wondering why I was hating it.

So I "googled" joy in my Bible app.
The list was long.
God has a lot to say about joy.

"Rejoice in hope
be patient in tribulation
be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope. My hope in in Christ and Christ alone. My rejoicing, my joy comes from that hope.
My hope can not rely on circumstances, job, address, bank account, closet, dreams, future, husband, kids; 
my hope, 
my source of rejoicing------lies in the Lord. 
It's simple.
Jesus--- that's the start of joy.

"When they saw the star,
they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy" Matthew 2:10

That refers to the wise men when the star they were following came to a halt above the place where Jesus was.
The place where he was.
Did you get that? It wasn't when they saw him or heard him speak, they just knew he was near.
They rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. That's a lot of joy.
and yet they hadn't even seen Jesus yet.
They just knew he was near.
How often to I demand a sighting?
He is near.
That my friends is worth rejoicing over- and rejoicing with exceedingly great joy.

I want that.

So I could share more but for now it's that simple.
I need it simple.

Life is complicated enough with late nights with toddlers and teenagers.
Preparing and cooking meals,
taxiing kids and staying on a budget.
Laundry and housework, friends and family;
yeah life is complicated and I desire for simple.

Simple things like Jesus.
Finding my joy in him.
Resting in Him.

From Jesus my joy can grow,
is growing,
has grown.

So to you, I ask...
where is your joy from?
The everlasting or the temporal?
The One who all hope rests in or the fleeting hope of the world?

Have joy,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How I Paint A Pallet Sign

Pallet signs are all over the place online but seem to be pretty scarce in the real world. I caught the bug about 18 months ago when I made my first pallet sign but didn't really pick up speed until this summer. 

Now I am on a quest to build and inventory to sell. 

But first, I thought I'd break down the method I use to paint my pallet signs.
Most of my signs are free hand so here is a peak behind my signs.

I begin with a blank pallet, scissors, paper, tape, paint brush and paint.
I either choose my pallet and then decide what to paint on it
I decide what I want to paint (or have been commissioned to paint) and have the pallet sign custom made.

I then use graph paper to cut strips of paper the same size as each pallet board, or if the artwork will cover multiple boards I make a paper "sign" the exact size of the pallet.

Next I lightly paint the design on the paper. This allows for spacing and any color or lettering changes.

Next I tape the template to the board and go ahead and paint the artwork on the pallet. 
Sometimes I need to go over the work with a second and even a third coat, painting on rough wood has lots of bumps and crevices along the way.

I repeat this until the sign is complete. 

Lastly, I sign and date my work.

As of now I have my oldest son cut down and put together the pallets and Steve installs the wall hangers, but those are my next tasks to learn to do myself.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it.

peace, love and Jesus

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Old Post but Worth Sharing

I found this in my posts archive, not sure why it didn't get posted; but here it is...

Catching up with pictures. 
Back in June Steve, Aubry and I traveled to Detroit to see my friend Lisa graduate from high school. Most of the pictures from that trip I uploaded to Shutterfly and just don't feel like accessing them right now, 
but I will
cause I want you to see Lisa and her unique graduation and our trip to the city.
Aubry and I had been reading Baby's Day Out leading up to the trip and as we visited all the sights of the big city we, OK I, could related all those real life big city spots to spots in the book.

We stayed in the old Polish community center and home to Detroit Love Inc. 

Buildings, like the great outdoors are not done any justice by photos. I've learned that while photos can look beautiful and amazing once the naked eye has laid it's gaze on something so beautiful no photo could ever compare.
But trust me- a 100 year old building in Detroit is amazing.

Aubry loved the sink baths and I loved the brick walls and large windows that hung as her backdrop.

Detroit's Eastern Market is always a must on a stop over in Detroit. the Menninte oatmeal creme pies being my main reason to go- yum! So it was a joy for me to take both Aubry and Steve. 

Back on the home front pallet wood has been where it's at. You can see my stash of broken down pallets. My oldest son Vaughan has become an expert at breaking them down and assembling them so I can then brainstorm or Pinterest for ideas.
This stack in the picture is now depleted down to a few boards.

Holidays lend to themed signs. Here is a sign I made for my mom's cottage and it served as a nice greeting when we attended the annual 4th of July party at her place.
I hope to do a few other signs with barns on them; growing up in New England old barns are as pleasing to the eye as 100 year old Polish community centers.
I will always recall 2 barns in my home town, an extra large size barn just north of the high school that seemed to own the field it lived in and swallowed up the farmhouse lying between it and the road
and then an old yellow barn not far from the extra large one, a little off the beaten path on the way to Steve's high school home.
I am sure they will both serve as inspiration.

 My daughter-in-law suggested I get this bird feeder and I'm glad she did.
Every morning Aubs and I wake up, grab our morning drink and sit watching the birds come and go just feet away. We are so spoiled.

School starts Monday and the love-hate relationship I have with most things in life applies to back to school as well. 

We first must do school shopping.
I know 2 days left, but it's how we roll.

I love the routine that comes with school.
It kind of kicks my butt into gear, making for more visibily productive days.

I hate not having my kids here.
It's sad to send them off, to not eat lunch with them or talk with them.
It's why I loved home schooling,
but such is life and Justin enjoys school and his calling and place in life right now is to be gone.

I hope you find balance as the fall approaches and as I am constantly doing I hope you enjoy your now and in enjoying it you find joy.

Peace, love and Jesus,

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pinterest and Pallet Sign

OK, OK so I couldn't stay off of Pinterest very long.
Searching ideas for what to wear for my 20th high school reunion
what to do with Aubry May's bedroom, it's still a mis-matched space,
those two life decisions brought me back to Pinterest within a week!

In other news, I sold another pallet sign. This one was a challenge as I'd never painted a chevron before and the letter spacing was a little more picky than my past projects; but I love it! What do you think?

Earlier in the month I was commissioned to do my first paid piece, this smaller custom garden sign, again a fun project with creative freedom around a personal saying.

On the Aubry front we are making progress toward adopting her, unfortunately the details have to stay quiet but we are simply trusting God knows and are resting in His peace as we love and parent her.

In other news back to school in underway and more pallet designs are in the works.
May you enjoy your today,

Sunday, August 25, 2013


If you have followed me for any time then you know I have this love-hate relationship with social media.
I'm not exactly sure why;
perhaps it's my love-hate relationship with just about everything in life.

Youth ministry.
My kids.
My home, husband, myself.
Perhaps is the passion I have for these things that make me hate that I have such passion.

Whatever fuels this love-hate it has landed me now with NO Facebook account,
with Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter all being deleted off my phone.

Speaking of my phone, she's been cracked and chipping for 2 months now and her ever so jagged screen makes running my finger across her face not so much fun so she spends much of her time in another room far away from my ear. While I miss her, I enjoy her absence.

Back to social media.
I chose to deactivate my FB account not because I was feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.
More because I don't even want it on my radar right now.

Steve and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this month and somewhere along the way I slowly began to loose the desire to be a home maker. 
While I know we all keep home different and I am certainly not an Organizing Junkie or Martha Stewart, but I do did love the art of home making and I desire to have that love back.

Cooking, meal planning.

All things that have been replaced lately by a mindset focused on the provision in my life and not the Provider.

So for now Facebook is deactivated, although I know many of my blog readers link here through FB so you can bet I'll reactivate it eventually.
For now I am not Instagraming moments.
Not tweeting.

In a way I am asking God for a renewed joy and love for my roots.
My roots of a heart for my family and my home.
Roots that began here on this blog 7 years ago.
Roots that run deep to my Jesus, my Saviour, My Lord and my God.

See in this path of my life I've strayed away not only from my loves
but also from my God.

So if you are my FB or IG or Twitter friend, I'm sorry; because I know how much that arena of social media keeps us close; and I'll miss you.
But comment here.
Participate here.
or don't.
but I will be here.

Here, back to my internet roots.

Peace, Love and Jesus,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thoughts Fading Away

So life has been happening.
Between Justin heading out on a mission trip, running our own business, living with a 21 month old and organzing a local kids club last week we've been busy.
The Florida heat seems to be hotter than usual this year.
I've had the chance to make my first commisioned and paid for pallet sign and have several more in the line-up. Not sure where that is taking me but I sure do enjoy making those signs.

I've also still been making an effort to slim down my life.
Tossing out tons of items, from clothes to kitchen stuff, furniture and decor.
The more I get rid of the more I want to get rid of.
Yet, somehow I seem to be an over endulged American.

I've also been sliming down on the time I spend away from my home; somehow in this 20 year marriage journey my love for all things home has slipped.
I don't enjoy the things at home I use to enjoy.
I think it's two-fold;

I've spent a whole lot of years here at home and in the first 10 years of our marriage we moved a lot- 7 times to be exact;
and now we've been still for right over 10 years. Same place.
Same floor plan.
Same walls.

Second, influences.
Not necessarily on purpose but certain people, groups and to some extent the world around me says "do more", "be more", "go more".
I've found myself falling into a works based mentality.

I'm working on changing all that.
It's a process as life is.
So far... this slower life is working out nicely; well of course except the negative thoughts I've been sharing with myself, but that's another blog post and that's an issue covered in prayer so I'm standing on the promise that those negative thoughts will be fading away.

So the internet is back in our house
and I'm liking it.

May you consider a simpler day to day.
Or may you not.

Until then

peace, love and Jesus,

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Busy and No Internet

I've been busy,
a trip to Detroit and time with family,
a new grandson...

Add in the fact that we have recently cancelled our internet and my absence here makes sense.

Hoping to get back online soon but enjoying the downtime in all honesty.

Hope your June was good and your 4th a blast!

I look forward to catching up with everyone.

peace, love and Jesus,

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Refraining the Embrace

What you do not know about my recently life is that I have been painfully thinking about whether I will travel to Detroit with our high school students on our summer mission trip.

Yes, decisions can be like this, with my heart pulling one direction and mind another. The pros and cons equaling out.

It's never been much of a decision in the past.
I love students,
I serve students all year long, 
so travelling with them on their summer mission trip is just what we do.

life happens.
I have a 20 month old,
and court dates
and possible major life changes occurring.

Sometimes when you can't see what lies ahead it can make a decision like going on a mission trip really, really painful.

So, I spent some time in serious fasting and prayer, sought wise counsel and made the decision yesterday to NOT go to Detroit this summer.
i know, get your tissues out

When I sent the text making my no-go final, my heart was at peace
my mind felt a weight lifted;
a weight I didn't realize I was even carrying around.

And I smiled, really big.
Cause as happy as I am in the picture above, I am just as happy now.
Trust me I don't wanna be happy about this,
I love Detroit.
The people,
the sights, the stories.
I love watching God move in hearts and grow students and adults alike.

I like the community of believers;
yep I said it, I like the community and fellowship I get to experience while sleeping and eating and playing in conditions less than perfect.

Most of all I think I'll miss this:

Driving a bunch of kids around, music blaring, hands waving-- yeah I'm gonna miss that.
A. Lot.

I'll miss saying "I'll see ya tomorrow" and "what'd you learn at Big A?"
I'll miss the car conversations with teens and the hugs from pre-teens.
I'll miss their smiles and their attitudes.
I'll straight up miss the kids.

And then there's her----

Lord willing I'll see her graduate this year and for that I am thankful; because of that it makes my Detroit Mission "no-go" decision easier.

I'll miss him---
but again Lord willing I'll see him soon.
And hug him. And snuggle, cause that what we've done since he was 2.

But one summer in the drop of a bucket of dozens of summers is nothing.
For I'll go back.
I plan to go back.
I better go back.

"For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven...
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing"
-Ecclesiastes 3:1,5b

For me this summer it is a time to embrace my family, my children and my home 
a time to refrain from embracing my "norm".

I already miss my week in Detroit.

Peace to all as I have peace,

Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Peace Moves In

So last Saturday, Aubry, Steve and I headed to a local park.
Then Aubry's bio-dad showed up.
deep breath

The visit went very well. He is doing good and seemed genuinely happy to meet his daughter. I've hashed over all the details with local friends and so I am a little "worded out" on this subject.

We are trusting God like never before.
Resting in His peace that Jesus left us.
Knowing He knows what's best for Aubry May, knowing He loves her more than anyone else in this situation.
Asking boldly and with confidence that we will remain Aubry's primary care givers.

So I hang on tight to the back of this bike (see previous post) unable to see clearly where this road is leading but doing my best to laugh and enjoy the ride. May the joy of the Lord fill my heart and may I look differently at every day of this life I wake up to, for I never know what it will really hold.

Have a peaceful day,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When You Can't See

Isn't life like this picture?
While we think we may be steering or perhaps we are fooled to think our feet are actually leading us when in fact we are like Aubry May, standing, holding on, clueless as to what really lies ahead.

Aubry's last court date was back in April.
We were headed north on a plane when her court date went down so we got to miss out on the waiting and the judge and the legal terms and the blah, blah, blah.

Long story short--- nothing has changed. We still remain Aubry's relative caregivers and her bio-parents have an extended time to "get their stuff together".

Only time will tell.

I'm not sure how I feel about our court system;
often I see it as a highly dysfunctional system and other times I see how it got to where it is and why it must chug along the way it does.

I was happy that it was made official on the last set of documents that we do in fact wish to adopt little Miss Aubry May.
I was happy the judge got to read that,
the lawyers and parents got to read that
and now all I can do is hang on and wait blindly to see what the outcome will be.

With all of this taking place and Aubry talking more and more it's got me thinking about telling her about her story.

I've let the state know that Aubry will always know she is adopted, that if we do in fact adopt her, we'll always be open about who her bio-mom and bio-dad are as well as keep their dirty laundry under raps. We've been asked if we'd allow them to see her and our response is yes, as long as they are in a state to see her we would not deny her that.

I've wondered though, how will I tell her.
What will it sound like?
Last night I began to jot down her story in the form of a children's book,
one we could read to her as she grows that would tell her life and highlight the people and events that have made her story unique and wonderful.
Aubry May is loved by many and I want her to know that.
I want her to see her significance in Christ and know without a doubt that her bio-parents behavior reflects nothing on her.

I don't know.
Only time will tell.
Until then, I'll hold on and trust in The One who knows what lies ahead.

*so I wrote this post last Friday, May 17; then at 1:27 while I was proofing it a phone call came in.
From CPC.
It was Aubry's case worker calling to say Aubry's biological father dad called and wanted to set up visitation with Aubry.
It will be his first visit with her.
So trust what we can't see is obviously something I need to live out right now.
With a calm heart,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Simple Living

Housekeeping does not always fall on the top of my to-do list. After a full day of crafting with friends and their kids I sometimes have no desire to pick up a trashed house so I just go to bed; sometimes it's my schedule that keeps me hopping so housework has to wait. Mostly it's my desire for fun over work.
Either way when all our stuff is out it can drive me nuts!
I can feel overwhelmed and cluttered.
Like the Wallflowers song One Headlight, I look at my house and think "sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn".

I like things to be simple.
Recipes, relationships, my day.
While not all things can be and are simple there are some things that I have control over that can be simple. While I don't think I've ever lived a super complicated life I have lived a cluttered life, things, over-committed calendar, jam packed full pantry and closet, I've been there and have been slowly working on simple.

Here are a few ways I've cut back.

I've always been a simple party girl. Using household items on hand for decor and keeping presents to one, maybe two. OK, so there was that one Christmas where we bought WAY too many gifts, what a learning experience that was; but for birthdays I've never been a huge, rent a circus, feed the town kind of party thrower. Simple, meaningful, fun.

Our books.
A few years ago I really weeded out our books.
We love books but as I looked around my house I realized some books were better off in circulation where others could read them. I kept a few favorites, the classics and reference books. This freed up not only shelves but pieces of furniture was left empty and given away making our space simpler.

Our checkbook.
By refusing to buy things that serve no purpose or refusing to buy something new that I could get used or on the side of the road it simplified balancing our checkbook. Spending only cash helps with this too but I found that not spending makes things simple.

More recently I've started to simplify our food and meals.
Instead of grocery shopping weekly I look to my pantry and just shop when I really need to. Couponing has allowed me to build up a stockpile but I've found it's simpler to begin eating down on that stockpile as soon as it created. Some weeks I don't even look to sale fliers and saving websites because I'd rather not buy it than to buy it on sale. This does bug me when I wonder if I'm missing out on a really, really good deal or a free deal, but I'd rather have the simpler schedule and simpler pantry.

Most recently I've been working on my closet. Over 20 years ago I heard of a 10 item wardrobe and I've dreamed of it ever since. Each time I thought I was ready to go there I looked at my closet and just couldn't get rid of everything but 10 items. Last week I decided to go for it, kind of.
I packed up the majority of my clothes into the suitcase in the picture above and kept out the essentials. By packing them p and not giving all those extra clothes away I have a sense of security.
Did I just type that?
Did I just put my security in my pile of clothes? I think I did.
Oh no, perhaps I really do need to give those clothes away.

Currently my closet consists of:
2 pair jeans
2 pair shorts
2 pair of jean capris
2 pair of work jeans (mission trip staple)
10 tank tops (my main staple, need to thin this number)
5 t-shirts (traditional kind, wear these on mission trips)
5 nicer t-shirts (my other staple)
2 dresses (rarely wear)
2 skirts
1 button down shirt
1 cardigan
1 black blazer
1 brown blazer
1 white blazer
1 navy blazer
2 dress shirts
1 pair black dress pants
shoes-- lets not address that right now
jewelry -- I have far too much for someone who hasn't changed her earrings since 1999
6 hats
scarves (didn't count, they take up very little space)

I know, far from 10 items and making this list has inspired me to slim down my closet even more.

Wondering what I can do next to live simpler.
Instead of going all out simple I am finding it easier to make one small change at a time.

So I wonder, how do you live simple? 
What idea do you have to share with me?


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