Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Not much really going on but I just felt like I wanted to sit here and write something.
Helped a friend pack yesterday,
we talked about how cleansing it is to move- going through and throwing away, weeding out and boxing up.
Then you spend a week or two without-
and life works.
How you think about not ever opening those boxes again; but then reality hits and you realize pots and pans make cooking easier and you really miss looking at the cute little such and such you bought when you were at that someplace special.
So the boxes get opened and you unpack.
I thought about how nice it is to start over.
A new room,
a clear shelf,
starting fresh with wall hangings and even friendships.
Sometimes I think I'd like to start fresh again.
The I thought about God.
How He looks at me that way when I go to Him after really screwing up.
A clean slate, a fresh start; the old is gone and the new is here.
A clean slate, a fresh start, a life of forgiveness.
So what about me? When someone comes to me after hurting me and seeks forgiveness do I give them a clean slate and fresh start? or do I unpack all the old crap and place it back on the clean shelf eventually clogging the relationship.
I don't wanna be that way.
Currently I have a person in my life who I don't wanna forgive, I don't wanna like, I don't wanna be kind to.
But somehow, because of the Holy Spirit living in me I am doing it.
I don't want to, my mind goes places and thinks things I don't want it to go or think.
The hurt is deep, but it's healing; I can feel it- the peace in me over the situation can only come from God.
It takes work, I have to make the effort to take every thought captive, to think of good things.
So not much going on in my life, except there really is.
Besides all this learning to love people I must take on the task at hand for me today: to clean one of Steve's clients homes.
A huge home sitting on the ocean a busy day before getting kids from school.
Have a blessed one!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Just thought I'd drop a quick note with some pictures as to what's been going on lately.
I've been reminded that my family and my home are my priorities and my ministry, having teenagers in the house seems to require a different kind of focus on the home front than any other stage in life.
Some days it has taken all I have in me to love and be kind, I feel as though the enemy is touching up the paint that he has painted on my back and my rooftop; knowing that the battle is already won by the blood of Christ I press on doing my best to be joyful and kind and loving.

Now on with the pictures...
the Tuesday women's group I belong to has come to an end for the summer, here is a glimpse at what my living room has looked like on Tuesdays, this photo is missing Theresa :(
Justin had is final piano recital at school, we went out after to celebrate with ice cream! His girlfriend Inez was with us, so I think this is her official introduction on my blog, welcome Inez.
Vaughan passed the College placement test, actually has a different name now but the long and short of it is that he will start taking classes at the local college as well as the high school next year- so proud of you Vaughan.
Illana is growing, she is amazing. The combination of baby and teenager in the house is nice- her laughter, her screeches as she realizes she has a voice and her smile can turn any mood around and really just slow down my day when I take time to sit with her.
I mean how sweet is this?
So that is the news around this place lately.
We have several trips this summer, 6 out of state trips as a family combined!
One of which includes my trip to Alaska to visit my cousin!!!
I'll try to post more and if you're still reading then thanks :)

Thursday, May 05, 2011


My new fav thing to do.
Its been around for 10 years, first heard of it 6 years ago, got the ap 8 days ago.
Way. Too. Much. Fun.

Went with a group of my friends who have named themselves: The Runaways.
Love them.
Check it out for yourself.


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