Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Am Still Alive

I'm back.
I have been gone and shut down the blog for while because I was having some posting issues.
Like couldn't access my account issues.

However, I figured those issues out and can post again!
And.... am posting from a real deal, big girl laptop. What you may not have known is that for over a year now I have been without a laptop or home computer of any kind.
I miss that.
I like word processing documents and have a bit of a love for a good excel worksheet.

Big News!!
On September 29th we officially adopted Aubry!!
Her birth certificate arrived yesterday and I cried.
The 1,053 days she was in foster care we considered her ours,
but when we stood in that courtroom 
and the judge said it'd be as if we had given birth to her, 
that she'll be a full heir to our inheritance.
We cried.

It was real. 
And permanent.

When her birth certificate arrived with OUR NAMES ON IT-- I cried, again, and hugged the lawyers secretary, who I'd never seen before.
No more court dates and visitation.
No more I have to do this or that.

Aubry fell and got a decent knee scrap and I didn't have to call one. single. state. agency. glory!
I stopped documenting coughs and sneezing and I can leave the state, county and country on a whim.

I can now tell her full story and it's something I hope to do.
Her fiery furnace beginning and her week stay in the NICU, her miraculous life- truly a gift and blessing from her Creator God.

In other news:
I've deleted my Facebook and stepped away from Instagram and twitter for a whole year; and it's been one of the best decisions of 2014 for me.

1 whole year.
Best decision, 
however you all now have to deal with hashtags that lead no where, simply because of this love affair I have with them.

If this were a newspaper this next news would be a headline:
I've turned 40 years old,
ditched some dead weight people in my life,
downloaded all of Taylor Swifts albums,
came in second place in a hola-hoop contest (I think that 11 year old cheated),
have gotten rid of 80% of my wardrobe
and sadly not had the time, opportunity or desire to create pallet signs lately.

Oh and I have dived back into studying God's Word. 
When we eat good food again we crave it more and more. 
Oh how I love the Word of God, rich and filling, sharp 
and deep-breath-life-changing.

What about you guys, who even reads this thing anymore?
Give me a shout out please!! I'd appreciate it.

Until next time, I'll be eating chocolate cookies my mom left and trying to wean myself off of sweet tea, and I promise to start posting more pictures.


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