Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pinterest and Pallet Sign

OK, OK so I couldn't stay off of Pinterest very long.
Searching ideas for what to wear for my 20th high school reunion
what to do with Aubry May's bedroom, it's still a mis-matched space,
those two life decisions brought me back to Pinterest within a week!

In other news, I sold another pallet sign. This one was a challenge as I'd never painted a chevron before and the letter spacing was a little more picky than my past projects; but I love it! What do you think?

Earlier in the month I was commissioned to do my first paid piece, this smaller custom garden sign, again a fun project with creative freedom around a personal saying.

On the Aubry front we are making progress toward adopting her, unfortunately the details have to stay quiet but we are simply trusting God knows and are resting in His peace as we love and parent her.

In other news back to school in underway and more pallet designs are in the works.
May you enjoy your today,

Sunday, August 25, 2013


If you have followed me for any time then you know I have this love-hate relationship with social media.
I'm not exactly sure why;
perhaps it's my love-hate relationship with just about everything in life.

Youth ministry.
My kids.
My home, husband, myself.
Perhaps is the passion I have for these things that make me hate that I have such passion.

Whatever fuels this love-hate it has landed me now with NO Facebook account,
with Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter all being deleted off my phone.

Speaking of my phone, she's been cracked and chipping for 2 months now and her ever so jagged screen makes running my finger across her face not so much fun so she spends much of her time in another room far away from my ear. While I miss her, I enjoy her absence.

Back to social media.
I chose to deactivate my FB account not because I was feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.
More because I don't even want it on my radar right now.

Steve and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this month and somewhere along the way I slowly began to loose the desire to be a home maker. 
While I know we all keep home different and I am certainly not an Organizing Junkie or Martha Stewart, but I do did love the art of home making and I desire to have that love back.

Cooking, meal planning.

All things that have been replaced lately by a mindset focused on the provision in my life and not the Provider.

So for now Facebook is deactivated, although I know many of my blog readers link here through FB so you can bet I'll reactivate it eventually.
For now I am not Instagraming moments.
Not tweeting.

In a way I am asking God for a renewed joy and love for my roots.
My roots of a heart for my family and my home.
Roots that began here on this blog 7 years ago.
Roots that run deep to my Jesus, my Saviour, My Lord and my God.

See in this path of my life I've strayed away not only from my loves
but also from my God.

So if you are my FB or IG or Twitter friend, I'm sorry; because I know how much that arena of social media keeps us close; and I'll miss you.
But comment here.
Participate here.
or don't.
but I will be here.

Here, back to my internet roots.

Peace, Love and Jesus,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thoughts Fading Away

So life has been happening.
Between Justin heading out on a mission trip, running our own business, living with a 21 month old and organzing a local kids club last week we've been busy.
The Florida heat seems to be hotter than usual this year.
I've had the chance to make my first commisioned and paid for pallet sign and have several more in the line-up. Not sure where that is taking me but I sure do enjoy making those signs.

I've also still been making an effort to slim down my life.
Tossing out tons of items, from clothes to kitchen stuff, furniture and decor.
The more I get rid of the more I want to get rid of.
Yet, somehow I seem to be an over endulged American.

I've also been sliming down on the time I spend away from my home; somehow in this 20 year marriage journey my love for all things home has slipped.
I don't enjoy the things at home I use to enjoy.
I think it's two-fold;

I've spent a whole lot of years here at home and in the first 10 years of our marriage we moved a lot- 7 times to be exact;
and now we've been still for right over 10 years. Same place.
Same floor plan.
Same walls.

Second, influences.
Not necessarily on purpose but certain people, groups and to some extent the world around me says "do more", "be more", "go more".
I've found myself falling into a works based mentality.

I'm working on changing all that.
It's a process as life is.
So far... this slower life is working out nicely; well of course except the negative thoughts I've been sharing with myself, but that's another blog post and that's an issue covered in prayer so I'm standing on the promise that those negative thoughts will be fading away.

So the internet is back in our house
and I'm liking it.

May you consider a simpler day to day.
Or may you not.

Until then

peace, love and Jesus,


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