Thursday, August 07, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

So I've somewhat settled back into the real world.
You know the one with a house to manage and jobs to be done.
Truth be told I prefer summers in NH. The weather, the woods, trees and carefree evenings with family.

Not that I don't like Florida, I mean I've lived here for 13 years, it's just NH will always be a part of who I am. When I'm there I feel a little more in my place on this earth, summers in Florida remind me of how my fair skin and light eyes were not made for the intensity the southern sun has to offer.
Of course send me to NH in January for a month and I very well will be singing a different tune.

So we're back.

Adoption should be complete by October, upcoming weddings and a 40th birthday celebration await us in the upcoming months.
Until then I will be sticking close to home. Living on a farm in small town New England for a month reminded me of how I love a life at home.
Home focused.

And blogging-- perhaps I will blog more. I know once the adoption is final I will have the freedom to share more of Aubry May's story.
I had the privilege of being highlighted on my friend Doris' blog; go and check her site out- it's very encouraging and will surely touch all who read her writing.

Anyway- patience as I can only blog through my sad, dying iPhone, as all technology at some point in time always seems to rise up against me in revolt and quit working--- talk about Rise if the Machines :)

Happy Thursday
for Thursdays...
are just a fun days!!!

Anyone else enjoy my movie and music references?? They made me smile.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flowers and Acorns, Pine Needles and Trees

We stop and smell the flowers a lot.
What should be a 10 minute walk becomes a 15-20 minute one; simply because we took the time to stop and smell some flowers.
Or watch and inchworm,
Collect pine needles,
Grab a rock for our rock collection,
Whatever the reason we tend to enjoy the life that is right in front of us.

I mean don't get me wrong, I rush around some days, many days??-- but mostly I try my best to enjoy what's on my current plate.

Our flower smelling, and picking, makes us late often
But allows for conversations to be had, lessons to be learned and memories to be made and that's what really matters.

My BFF from hs has two little sisters, one of them told me yesterday in regards to the third sisters suicide 17 years ago that she has chosen to "keep on living. Some people loose someone very close to them" she said, "and they hold on so much that they don't live. I chose to live life." I love that!! She is choosing to: Live. Right. Now.

What happens has happened and what is right here right now is what matters.

While I often wonder if my flower picking time schedule, which often makes us late, I wonder if that in it's flaw is disrespectful to the people and things I arrive late at?
But what I do know is that flowers make pretty centerpieces and a bowl of acorns makes my heart smile. So we'll continue to stop and smell the flowers.

I'd encourage you to do the same and share it in a comment here or on FB.

Oh and one last tip, when slowing down and smelling the flowers, take a breath, breathe it in. Actually smell the flower- then in the wise words of Aubry May "it smells good"-- God is good.

Taste and see The Lord is good.

Happy days,