Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Race Day

Ok so I've had issues with moving my photos around so I'll just go with how they sit now.

Today was the first race for Vaughan as member of the high school cross country team. It was actually considered a scrimmage race but a race nonetheless.

We traveled south about an hour and the boys race was delayed due to lightning. Living in the lightening capital of the world all sports stadiums are equipped with a lightning horn that blows when it strikes too close. A second blow sends out the all clear.

So here are some pictures from the race. Vaughan did better than his 5k back in Feb. but struggled to run the whole 5k today. He finished in 23 minutes give or take and finished behind his best friend and another x-football kid. I think this is good for him to finish behind, in many areas he doesn't and a little incentive to push harder won't be bad for him.

After warming up (below photo) the boys lined up on the 20 yard line of the field and waited for the shot tog sound. I've noticed running is not a modest sport, I'm not sure how I feel about the half naked, sweaty teenagers swarming all over the place? Vaughan's wearing the black tank top.

After the race with dad and bubby.

Finishing up.

Of course the race began on the football field and ended on the track, as we crossed the grid iron I couldn't help but snap a few pictures.

The goal post. Lord willing we'll be back at football next season. Vaughan has said he prefers football over running. He also says cross country practice is way harder than football practice. More of a constant effort.

Hat disclaimer. bad hair going on right now, i don't like the length, cut or humidity inducing waves.

So a new season has begun, where we go next week is still a mystery to me.
Happy running to any crazy people out there who enjoy this sport, I'm just good at cheering people on.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


One of my favorite books, Blue Like Jazz, is written by this guy, who gave the prayer at the Democratic National Convention.
Interview before preayer.


“I make these requests in the name of Your son Jesus, who gave his own life against the forces of injustice.
Let Him be our example…Amen"


Friday, August 29, 2008

Yesterday vs. Today

Yesterday was a bad day.
If it could have gone wrong- it did.
Washer not spinning, dryer not drying, lost data at work (and you know it was important stuff that took hours), home school child not home schooling, DVD not working and a friend over to watch something on it, dog sick and throwing up every 5 minutes. After a long morning and afternoon of this craziness I stepped outside to relax- stepped in some animals "mess", came in to do dishes- sink clogged. It continued throughout the evening and ended with me getting locked in my car, don't ask how that happens it just does in our ghetto-fabulous vehicles!

So I was in bed by 9pm.

I like a new day because it's a fresh start.
A clean slate.
A new day to write new adventures on.

Like today in the parent drop-off line at school I found my favorite part of the drop-off: being at a stand still due to student drivers.

Yep, when I'm stopped in the line of cars I know somewhere ahead of me a mother in walking from the passenger side to the driver's side as her new student driver peels him/herself away from the steering wheel before heading into school. It allows me more time with my son and puts a smile on my face to see the transfer take place.

I'll be there come December 1st.

How abut you what's your favorite part of dropping your student off at school?


Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've tried several times to write something here.
I want to share about our home school or Vaughan's public school experiences.
I want to share how broke we are yet how God provides. Then there's Steve's added new job, what our fall will look like at youth group and I have questions and developments in my garden that are blog worthy.
I just can't seem to make seance of anything from my brain.
Perhaps it's the fact that it's Thursday and my brain's just happy we've survived this week so far or it could be the lack of coffee; either way I'm still trying to post daily or every other day, and will eventually get around to telling of the interesting people Vaughan's met at school, how my heart aches with him being gone or how Justin and I can take a history lesson and laugh so hard we cry.
Until then I'm curious what has the most challenging part of your week been?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's Time to Do the Dishes...

...when you notice your 12-year-old ate his ice cream with a baby spoon and then he proceeds to tell you yesterday he ate his jell-o with a butter knife.

Obviously this isn't a 1 day dish problem.

Who is this kids mother!!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hole in Our Day, A Plan that May Work and God's Truth

Yesterday was weird.
Good, but weird.

I'll start with the weird and I'll keep it brief. Weird because I've spent the last 14 yrs 9 mo with Vaughan and now he is gone for 10 hours a day. Justin missed him too, he's been his whole life with the kid.
Vaughan didn't think of us once.
All above facts are true, each party admits to it!


On to the good: Justin and I had a great day of home school; besides him getting a little giggly in the afternoon he did great. I've seen so much growth in him these last few years it's amazing to think he's the same kid! It's true when they say boys mature slower than girls and for some boys it's even slower than the "norm". That's been J and that's why I've loved home schooling: he's been able to take his time growing up. Meanwhile I'm happy we do school at a table and sitting up straight!

So our first day went well. I've put his schedule in an Excel worksheet. I'm thinking it'll work great and he can't lose it! When he finishes an assignment he can check it off by highlighting the cell any color he wants; when I am done checking over each assignment I put a slash through it! Lord willing this will solve both our problems and allow for easy schedule changes!

Of course it's the TreeHouse SchoolHouse way to not be fully prepared so we still don't have all our curriculum yet- I'm borrowing SOS 7th grade Lang Arts and Science from my neighbor!

It was Sunday night that I decided I should throw something together for the Monday start, so here's what I came up with:

7h Grade age 12 y 6mo
1. Bible: personal devotion
2. 8am- Guitar: 30 minutes practice OUT OF BOOK!~notice only subject with a time and let's face it we're flexible with the time
3. Math Saxon Algebra 1/2 (Pre-Alg.) with D.I.V.E.
4. Reading Comprehension- 8th grade series we'll work through
5. History- US History, we'll work through book adding events to our timeline, although J wants to learn about the Vietnam War so we'll take a break next month and cover that.
6. PE: karate

That covers my main Bible-reading-writing-arithmetic goal for each day. Now today's the first day of us on my fall work schedule, add in Steve's MIA for the evenings this week and that leaves me running and picking up kids on top of a meeting for our high school workers tonight!

In my prayer book this morning I prayed for patience, from me and for me from God. Cool how God gives us what we need before we need it. 2 Peter 3:9

Now to actually go about my day I have to stop blogging...

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day #2

Another first day of school!
Today is Justin's first day of the 7th grade!
After getting Vaughan off to high school we came home and had some time before Steve had to head out to work. J did good, started with his devotions and then around 8:30 he was tired and by 8:40am he was back asleep.
Here's the run down from the night before.
J and Steve started Rambo 3 at 8pm and didn't get to bed until after 10:30pm and I'm sure knowing J he wasn't asleep 'til after 11 or 11:30. I was sleeping of course becasue I can take boy movies but not the Rambo's. Then Justin got right up at 6am with big brother.

A beni of homeschooling has always been that the kids can be on a late schedule if need be and then just sleep the next day. Not for Vaughan this year and Justin said today was his last day of doing the "drop-off", which means he'll be sleeping in. Which makes me wonder are we the only family who together as a whole drives their freshman child to high school? From the looks of the cars int he parent drop loop, we are; I'm talkin' mom, dad and little bro. Oh well, it's how we roll!

Here are pictures that we took before the morning nap.
Bear with me they are not much different than 1 week ago.
My guys!

Brothers. They love each other like no other, they know each other like no other, they fight with each other like no other!

Me: still short.

Trying to get some height on them!

This time Fluff stayed inside, here's our cat Lolly, not the brightest- Lolly as in Lollypop- as in a Dum Dum lollypop.

Justin school supplies/curriculum. Wow have things changed since elementary school with crayons and markers, glue sticks, construction paper, flash cards and board games. Now it's notebooks and binders, books and computer.

Oh, so I'm sitting in my sewing room yesterday when I hear this scratching at the wall/door. It sounded to me like the field mice we use to have in NH. That didn't fit, we don't have field mice here and we don't have much that would make that sound. Not a lizard, or a snake or a spider. I sat for a few minutes almost afraid to look. Of course I try to get the dog to go look but he won't; finally I took a peak and look what I saw!
A blue crab!

He was a bit freaky when he moved- crabs are quick! But pretty cool don't ya think.

So it's after 11 and Justin's up practicing guitar, now he's done- I'm on!

Back to school!
Happy day!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Monring, August 22, 2008.

Gay Fay

It's been a whole week of rain.

Monday afternoon at 2:30 we watch the clouds begin to change to the famous north-west movement that comes with a hurricane/tropical storm.

Shortly after it started to rain and really has stopped since.

Well the eye did sit over use for Wednesday so it was dry for a period of time.

Since the storm brings wind and rain and not any thunder and lightning going out in it isn't all that bad. I mean you'll get soaked in 5 seconds flat and you'll watch out for flying debry but we've hung out in this storm and had a good time. I do live with teenagers who are invincible, in case you were wondering. Yesterday the boys went to a friends and spent a bunch of time in the pool- raining and an overflowing pool! Sounds like fun.

On Wednesday morning we visited the beach and after 15 minutes we were drenched to the bone. See:

Lots of rain means a rising swamp and frogs galore!

Cats are a must when living near the woods/fields/swamp

The problem with this storm and picture taking is I can't go out into the storm and take any! I did snap these of the known "damage" around our place.

Steve and I were sitting on the back porch when we heard the crack, crack, bang of this tree falling. I immediately jumped up and ran to the Lego room to see if Justin was OK and then I headed for the best look out over the woods. As I looked out the boys window I saw this:
We knew the tree could go and we're thrilled to see that when God brought it down yesterday it landed perfectly in the side yard.
Another view:

I just kept saying "Thank You Lord" and we were simply amazed and thrilled that there was no damage, it was as if God sent His angels themselves to cut the tree and they laid it perfect. I imagined what that was like in the spiritual realm. I've been around many a tree cutting and know when the placement of the fall must be just so there's a "holding of breath" feeling in the air. I'm sure Steve's angel was cutting and my angel most likely was on the back porch with me not wanting to watch!

Within 5 minutes I headed back out on the back porch to see this:

Yep, that's the trampoline from the front yard (hey we're Greek front yard entertaining is what it's about)! Seems like in all our preparedness, or lack of, we forgot to flip the trampoline over and 50+mph wind gusts showed us why we should have.

So for now that's our Tropical Storm story. We're staying inside or on the back porch, except for a few outside walk arounds. My tomato plants are surviving, except they are blown, along with their "cages" at a 45 degree angle. I keep going out and straightening them but again wind gusts don't care what I want.

Steve had yesterday off! Not from the paper, that bad boy must be delivered everyday. He actually said it was a cool adventure when he was delivering, with both front windows open, during the rainiest/windiest part of the storm. Now the car smells a bit funky and I'm considering a dehumidifier for in there.
Speaking of cars, the van has some mysterious leak as well. Water finds it's way onto the floor of the passenger side? Anyone run into this before? Oh the things a tropical storm will do, the things it'll do.

So this morning I am the lone one awake, school was canceled again and Steve has the day off again! The swamp is rising and the rain is still coming, by tonight it should be done.
I think.
I haven't watched the news or checked the radar yet today so who knows. Although looking at the cloud rotation we're on the back side of this gay event.
Fay has been the most unpredictable, strangest storm I've ever seem.
When I can I'll pull video up so you can see and hear what's it like around here. Oh who am I kidding when Vaughan wakes up I'll have him do it. Have I mentioned everyone needs a teenage boy around? They do.
Until then: Life is Good.

PS for the record the first day of school was Monday, then 4 days off and back again this coming Monday. I usually start my home school 1 week after the public school, which would have been this Monday.
Hmmm.. should I start or wait another week? What would you do if you were me?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They Can Go 2 School in the Rain- We Did

Darn it!

I waited 14 freakin' years to send this kid away to public school and they cancel it again for tomorrow.

See. I told you public school was bad.

PS photo was the "welcome home from school" photo- doesn't he look thrilled!
PSS notice the "little brother" peaking his head out the door

It's Gonna Be Rainy For Awhile

For whatever reason I wake up when the power goes out.

Call it a mother's intuition or a women's love of the a/c; at 2:20 this morning I woke up when I heard a pop and the power went out for us. I called the electric company and they were out and had it fixed within an hour and a half. I love them.

Last night we went to the beach to see the waves and beach and wind- it was crazy-cool, as it always is before tropical storms/hurricanes. We ran into some friends there and Steve quickly joined in to their flip-flop throwing antics.

Easy, when it's windy throw your flip flop straight into the air- watch it land far away, or watch it hit someone!

Here's another to show how windy it was/is.

Crazy-windy. We went back to the beach this morning and already the sand was washing away.
Beach erosion.
After the hurricanes in '04 we, being the county I live in, dumped $14 million to pump sand from an island in the river onto the beach. The beach was washed away again and we've spent another $7.2 million this last year to rebuild our beach again.
Then, this morning we got to watch our tax dollars was back out to sea. I won't go on about this one? Tough when the majority of our county $$ is from tourist at our beach.

Anyway it's been rainy, rainy but life is as normal- I guess if you call normal sitting at home all day sewing and watching the Olympics and playing Legos.


PS any tips on drying out a car that got soaked because it was used to deliver newspapers in the midst of a tropical storm?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seriously, I Remember High School Like Yesterday...

...and now my oldest is there.

First day of school went good.
Vaughan knew someone in every one of his classes. He knew them from different places; scouts, youth group, football.

He found all his classes although he said he didn't think he had time to make it to his locker between them.

Now he has 2 days off- thanks Tropical Storm Fay.

First beni of public school: we called them snow days, you'll call them hurricane days.

We realized the size of one of the buildings at Vaughan's school was larger than the entire middle/high school his parents attended.

I also bought school supplies today. That experience has changed a lot.
I no longer purchase crayons and markers. This year it was notebooks and pens/pencils.

So the frst day was good. Cross Country after school went good.
No homework.
No books.
These will come later, until now I try to forget that I have a child in high school.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Of School 2008 Edition

you’ll be happy to know my camera is somewhat fixed so this very important post will include photos.

So my world has been rocked, and in that rocking somehow, someway, my oldest fell out of my daily world and right into the hallways of the local high school.
After 10 years of homeschooling (preschool-8th) this was like a BIG deal!

We had a great time this morning. Steve and I woke first and then I woke the boys up. After breakfast, French toast and sausage, we sat around talking like usual. We told stories and messed with each other. Fluff was around and exhausted by 7am.

Hanging out sharing stories and laughing.

Highlight story of the morning dealt with advice Vaughan got from his uncle yesterday. The advice started with, "Vaughan high school is like prison, you gotta get in a fight the first day."

Yes, he is "that" uncle, the one eveyone has. The boys love him and of course he's back inthe country just in time to give my child allthe crazy advice he needs before entering high school.
We also messed with him and joked about taking pictures; we even went as far as to tell him his grandparents were meeting him for pictures at the school. Now if you know Vaughan he’s a cool, relaxed kid; but about 2 minutes after the grandparent/picture comment he said, “I can’t believe my grandparents are showing up at the school.”

Steve and I got a good laugh from that one.
Let the photo taking begin...
The photos, oh the photos.
I'm looking rather short.
I have no words for this one.

The car ride.
I was told I had to drive so I wouldn't jump out to give him a hug goodbye. I was also told the above photo of just Vaughan was the last one I was allowed to take.
Did they think I wouldn't snap this one? I had to. How could I resist.
The line of cars waiting to get on campus.
The backseat will be radically different.
The drop off went smooth and quick. I didn't even get teary eyed. We saw more kids we knew than at a reunion and Vaughan's best friend drove in right behind us.
It's done. He's gone. A t least for 10 hours today, and tomorrow and Wednesday...
It's about now I'm asking myself what have I done?
I have a peace. I miss him but it's been 14 years in the making. He'll do good. He won't miss us.
So there it is the first day of school- ever!!! for my baby.
Now J and I have a week before our homeschool starts- our "last week of freedom" as he puts it.
So far we've eatten, cleaned the bathrooms, played guitar and are going grocery/hurricane shopping.
Good time

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time Marches On

There's a weird feeling one gets when their child, who they remember as being just that a child, does adult things.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Part of Me Wants to Boycott Football

OK so I have to admit.

It's been hard lately reading and seeing things that deal with football.

I drove by the practice field last night and my heart sank. We are not football parents this year.

I am not a football mom.

I really was enjoying the role, I've had 4 years to get comfy in it. Now I'm a cross country mom.
-swallow hard-

Not that there is anything wrong with cross country; it's just not football.
any football mom out there knows exactly what I'm talking about here

Already I've noticed some differences.
1. Mandatory CC practice doesn't begin until school starts on Monday- it's been unofficially mandatory for football since July 1st plus the May spring training
2. CC practice various when and where it meets and even has practice doing fundraising- football is consistent with meeting times and place, you better not be less than 5 minutes early and fundraising instead of practicing, are you kidding me?

So for 2008 my pom poms will on their shelf and my Cuda football voice will go into remission. I just can't see me yelling "hit someone!" while my son jogs by me during a race.

I'm excited!
Vaughan starts high school on Monday, he'll start running that evening and my schedule will be a lot more open than years past.
As far as football is concerned: I'll attend some Friday night games, catch the JV team on Thursdays and inside, my heart will be breaking- because I'm sadly taking a year off from being a football mom.

Stay tuned for CC info though because you know I'll still find lots to say.

Happy 15th Anniversary!

Yesterday Steve and I celebrated 15 years of marriage!

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.

It was a nice night. Steve came home with roses and a sweet card.

We then ordered the boys Chinese and headed out to eat ourselves. Something else cool about teenagers is that they don't need babysitters!

After dinner we went for a drive. One of my favorite things to do; we took some backs roads and side drives.

Finished with a chunk of time at the local bookstore and then to Publix for carrot cake and tiramisu. Finished the night off with a little bit o' lovin and olympic gymnastics!

So 15 years! This is the point where I'd leave a message to my husband but since he doesn't read this blog I'll just say this: it's been a great ride/journey/adventure these last 15 years. We're blessed, Steve rocks and life is good. Praise God!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kids having kids leads to events like this:

*updated at bottom

24 Hours is almost here!
The movie marathon began at 8pm on Tuesday, August 12th.
So far Vaughan is winning by only sleeping 30 minutes; he's also the only one who has watched every movie.
I think the movie count is 9 or 10?

It was this morning when I realized how many movies they had watched that I began to think, "What kind of parent allows this?"

I made french toast galore for breakfast, only one child slept through it, and we've cooked all of the 5 frozen pizzas; the 5 bags if chips are almost gone.

I so wish my camera was working because I would have a picture of my living room, the floor covered with sleeping bags, pillows, arms and legs. The sofas are draped with teenage forms. The caption would read: "Jonestown: the Morning After".


the movie marathon is officially over.
The movie count was 14.
I'm doubting my parenting skills more and more.
Here's the list- you know in case you have any teenagers coming over and want to know what they like to watch.

1. Alien vs. Predator
2. Master of Disguise
3. Envy
4. Italian Job
5. Jumper
6. AVP 2
7. The Punisher (newer version)
8. The Patriot
9. Pirates of the Caribbean
10. Hot Rod
11. Wild Hogs
12. 21
13. Blue Harvest
14. White Chicks

Justin and Jeremiah came in 2nd and 3rd place in the movie watching contest. The other 4 gave up at some point in time and resorted to Legos, guitar playing and the trampoline.

Not sure if I'll host this one again; who am I kidding of course I will!
Any one up for it when we do?

Life With Boys

This is how we shop store #1:
What's on sale?
These shorts.
Let's buy 3 in my size.

Sale dress shirts?
I'll take 2.

Black socks?
found 'em.

Check out line.
We're done.

Store #2.
What shoe do you have in a 15 wide.
Oh, these 3. I'll take this one.
and that one.

Red tag sale, they fit.
Check out line.
We're done.

Store #3.
Sale jeans.
My size.
Wait in dressing room line.
They fit,
pay, done, gone- headed home.

When God created me and gave me only brothers and had me shop way to much at too young an age and dislike shopping more than the average girl because He knew one day I would be the mom of teenage boys who shop twice a year, 1 time to see the newest Legos and the other because I've told them they have to have clean, fresh untorn clothes.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Childbirth is the Easy Part

I've been known to say that before.

I think they trick you when they make childbirth out to be so hard.

Don't get me wrong- it is; but I'm convinced that it's the least painful part of raising a child.
And for those of you who think I had many drugs during childbirth- I didn't 100% na-tu-ral with both of them- so pain of childbirth- I know it!
And on a side note for those of you who have adopted: all those painful hours of waiting and paperwork and waiting and traveling: you've experienced a different pain but again don't be fooled there's more to come.
One thing about parenting I never expected was the "feeling" for your kids. I'm talking about physical feeling for your child.

Like when they stub their toe so bad it makes you sick to your stomach or when they are left out from a birthday party or play date, it just hurts the heart of a mom, and dad, to see their baby, no matter their age, in pain.

Yesterday was one of those days.

It didn't start that way but when I woke in the night hurting for my baby I realized this "feeling" for your kids will never end.

Yesterday on the spur of the moment my baby, my little rocker cut his hair. All of it. From fairly long (see picture above taken the day before said haircut) to 7/8 of an inch- ALL OVER. I wrestled in the night with my responsibility in the whole thing and settled on the conclusion I had come to earlier in the day: he spoke up, he asked for the haircut, he asked for the length, he chose.

So yesterday when he realized what he'd done he began to cry.

Now dad and brother don't really get it- they have flat tops and that's about all their hair will do; they tie their short hair to their manliness I think; but my baby boy with his hair so pretty is now looking a little different. Headbanging will no longer be the same.

It's good.

I think he needed to part with it, if he missed it enough to be that upset it is probably a good thing.

So although I believe it's only a haircut, it'll grow- it still hurts.

This parenting thing doesn't get easier, as they grow I feel parts of my heart getting torn each day. As they become more independent and grown up it hurts. As they become their own person with thoughts and ideas beyond my own, it hurts.

The older they get the more I realize how short of a time I have with them.

4 and 6 years- that's what I have left- 4 and 6 years of them under my roof. Where has the time gone? How did I make it through all the hurts of their childhood? And how will I make it through these next years?

Step by step, day by day. Giving each moment up to the Lord- that's how I'll survive!

My heart aches and in the same breath I can say my heart rejoices!

Look who I get to hang with over these next 4 and 6 years!
How about you- what are you looking forward to over the next 4-6 years?
Count me blessed!
PS please note our camera is "down" so we resorted to the photo booth at the mall- it took a little work but we managed to figure a way to get us all in- I bet we looked funny from the outside!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Linkage 4 U

Linking to this post;
short and sweet.

PS camera's broke, I'm crying a bunch so much has happened that photos would be great!

Local Mission Update!

So I've been gone from my computer for a little while.
This last weekend was amazing!
It was our student local mission trip.
25 students between the ages of 12 and 18 gathered at our church on Friday night.
Our night started with group games, free time, worship and food!
We brainstormed as smaller groups about ways we could serve the community around us.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and headed out as 7 smaller groups to bless the people who live in our neighborhoods, Here's what was accomplished:
  • 100 Gatorade's were given out to fisherman, families, and people at local parks
  • A single lady in poor health had a face lift done on her house she is getting ready to sell. Old bushes dug up, new ones planted, lawn mowed.
  • The local nursing home had 8 visitors who handed out flowers and sang Happy Birthday to one of the residents.
  • Every staff working at the local hospital on Saturday was given a thank you card.
  • The cafeteria at the hospital got all it's tables cleaned and the patrons got full service drink refills and tray clean up.
  • All the hospital rooms with people in them were given flowers.
  • Sick people with no visitors had a few that day!
  • Two local parks got their bathrooms cleaned.
  • 2 local homeless people were given a fresh homemade lunch.
  • 3 families in our area with several children were given gift certificates to Old Navy in the amounts of $110, $110 and $135.
  • Grandparents struggling to raise their grandchildren were blessed with Saturday night dinner!
  • A busy family with little children got their lawn mowed and weeded for free!
  • School supplies were bought for needy families.
  • Fast food resturant patrons at 3 local places got full service table service and the tables all got wiped down!

This is just part of what I could remember.

How cool is all of that! With busy lives and school just around the corner these students could have done lots of other things, instead they gave up their Saturday and with $50 per group and a little brain using they touched the lives of hundreds of people right in their own back yard.

The thought behind this local trip was that we as adults and students will take a week out of our schedule to travel to neighborhoods far from home and serve them. We pounded nails in New Orleans, painted decks in Waveland, fed the homeless in Detroit and loved on the children who raise themselves in the projects of area code 313; but the question was what are we doing right here?

We've gotta take care of our neighborhoods, our community. If we don't care for those around us who will? If we'll spend hundreds on ourselves, hours for our own pleasure what is 1 day? or even 1 week?

After getting sweaty and wet, smelly and bruised I walked away this weekend thinking I should do more. I sit here in front of my computer with my fridge full of food, I search for the best internet deal on t-shirts or fabric, but what about my neighbors? What could I do to help them out?

In October it will be Make a Difference Day. If you don't have anything planned that weekend, or even if you do, I'd encourage you to think about what you could do to make a difference in your community; or if you're gone or have plans that day think about what you could do where you'll be to make a difference, to pay it forward, to think of someone else above yourself.

If you do it, you'll never regret it- I promise.

As for us we're looking at this weekend and thinking of planning another student local mission- we've only touched the tip of the ice berg on this one!

The kids are getting it, they're catching the fire!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Didn't I Ask To Be Shot in the Foot

or maybe I asked to be slapped up side the head, Amanda?

When you see a teenager say a prayer for me, I've agreed to a 24-hour movie fest to end the summer.
A prize will be given to the child who watches the most movies.

And to think 2 summers ago we were participating in a reading challenge. Those were the days, when I chose the end of summer activities.

They've grown up and realized sitting quietly by themselves isn't nearly as fun as eating pizza, chips, soda, candy, fruit (I always have something healthy that has to be eatten) and staying up all night.
I often pondered this: am I training them to be party animals? Anyone know their parents?

I trust they're gonna be just fine.
But please say a pray or light a candle or whatever you do, do it for me please.

One more thing, the movie watching prize: I think it will be a book. What do you think?

PS this mainly to remind myself: One day soon I will write a post about the women who was a high school teacher of mine who really helped shape my parenting skills- she has no idea what an influence she was on my life, I still think of her today. Perhaps I will even send her a note. Be thinking, who has helped shape you in a particular area?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fruits and Veggies of My Labor

I'm so excited!
The fruits and veggies of my labor are beginning to show.
After feeling yucky a few days this past week I went to my garden his morning to make me smile.
Here's what I found.

Can't wait!

We've already had 1 strawberry and I'm not sure if this one is on it's way up or down? Also upon further research I found I'm about 23-35 plants too few to feed our family. Luckily strawberry plants shoot off baby strawberry plants. Now to figure out if these are a one-crop variety? Does anybody out there know?

Oregano. I've cut a bundle for drying, although drying herbs in a humid environment is tricky, perhaps I should read more on this one.

Now I can smile. My garden makes me happy (except the ant pile I found when my ankles began to burn).

Friday, August 01, 2008

And the winners are...

Drumroll please...
We are very sophisticated around here, for the 3 of you that wanted to win Justin and I did the old name in a hat trick.
So here it is...

The winner of The Inventors Worshop is... LISA!!


The winner of the Tomahawk Kit is... TY!!

I'll get you your prizes on Sunday.
Thanks ladies for participating.


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