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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Gonna Be Rainy For Awhile

For whatever reason I wake up when the power goes out.

Call it a mother's intuition or a women's love of the a/c; at 2:20 this morning I woke up when I heard a pop and the power went out for us. I called the electric company and they were out and had it fixed within an hour and a half. I love them.

Last night we went to the beach to see the waves and beach and wind- it was crazy-cool, as it always is before tropical storms/hurricanes. We ran into some friends there and Steve quickly joined in to their flip-flop throwing antics.

Easy, when it's windy throw your flip flop straight into the air- watch it land far away, or watch it hit someone!

Here's another to show how windy it was/is.

Crazy-windy. We went back to the beach this morning and already the sand was washing away.
Beach erosion.
After the hurricanes in '04 we, being the county I live in, dumped $14 million to pump sand from an island in the river onto the beach. The beach was washed away again and we've spent another $7.2 million this last year to rebuild our beach again.
Then, this morning we got to watch our tax dollars was back out to sea. I won't go on about this one? Tough when the majority of our county $$ is from tourist at our beach.

Anyway it's been rainy, rainy but life is as normal- I guess if you call normal sitting at home all day sewing and watching the Olympics and playing Legos.


PS any tips on drying out a car that got soaked because it was used to deliver newspapers in the midst of a tropical storm?

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Amanda said...

I love your life and I want to trade for a day. Can u we please?
How cool, I would love to go down to the beach before a storm, isnt it so cool we live here.

The packets that you put in your closets Damp rid I think.. try that.

No school say what...


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