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Friday, August 29, 2008

Yesterday vs. Today

Yesterday was a bad day.
If it could have gone wrong- it did.
Washer not spinning, dryer not drying, lost data at work (and you know it was important stuff that took hours), home school child not home schooling, DVD not working and a friend over to watch something on it, dog sick and throwing up every 5 minutes. After a long morning and afternoon of this craziness I stepped outside to relax- stepped in some animals "mess", came in to do dishes- sink clogged. It continued throughout the evening and ended with me getting locked in my car, don't ask how that happens it just does in our ghetto-fabulous vehicles!

So I was in bed by 9pm.

I like a new day because it's a fresh start.
A clean slate.
A new day to write new adventures on.

Like today in the parent drop-off line at school I found my favorite part of the drop-off: being at a stand still due to student drivers.

Yep, when I'm stopped in the line of cars I know somewhere ahead of me a mother in walking from the passenger side to the driver's side as her new student driver peels him/herself away from the steering wheel before heading into school. It allows me more time with my son and puts a smile on my face to see the transfer take place.

I'll be there come December 1st.

How abut you what's your favorite part of dropping your student off at school?


1 comment:

Barclay 5 said...

Hi, Michelle. My southern-loving list could be longer - I'm glad to find someone who shares my passion! Lisa has tagged us both. It will be fun to see our lists.

As far as dropping off my children - best part is morning prayers.

Thanks for the comment!


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