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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kids having kids leads to events like this:

*updated at bottom

24 Hours is almost here!
The movie marathon began at 8pm on Tuesday, August 12th.
So far Vaughan is winning by only sleeping 30 minutes; he's also the only one who has watched every movie.
I think the movie count is 9 or 10?

It was this morning when I realized how many movies they had watched that I began to think, "What kind of parent allows this?"

I made french toast galore for breakfast, only one child slept through it, and we've cooked all of the 5 frozen pizzas; the 5 bags if chips are almost gone.

I so wish my camera was working because I would have a picture of my living room, the floor covered with sleeping bags, pillows, arms and legs. The sofas are draped with teenage forms. The caption would read: "Jonestown: the Morning After".


the movie marathon is officially over.
The movie count was 14.
I'm doubting my parenting skills more and more.
Here's the list- you know in case you have any teenagers coming over and want to know what they like to watch.

1. Alien vs. Predator
2. Master of Disguise
3. Envy
4. Italian Job
5. Jumper
6. AVP 2
7. The Punisher (newer version)
8. The Patriot
9. Pirates of the Caribbean
10. Hot Rod
11. Wild Hogs
12. 21
13. Blue Harvest
14. White Chicks

Justin and Jeremiah came in 2nd and 3rd place in the movie watching contest. The other 4 gave up at some point in time and resorted to Legos, guitar playing and the trampoline.

Not sure if I'll host this one again; who am I kidding of course I will!
Any one up for it when we do?


Superhero Mom said...

Ok the sad thing is I only knew #8 and #9 from your list. Yikes! Thankful however, that I am only at the Power Ranger, Barnyard, Batman stage right now. Whew!

Amanda said...

WOW that's a ton of movies. I'm tired thinking about it, but it does sound fun. Praying for V and you for next week.


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