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Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day #2

Another first day of school!
Today is Justin's first day of the 7th grade!
After getting Vaughan off to high school we came home and had some time before Steve had to head out to work. J did good, started with his devotions and then around 8:30 he was tired and by 8:40am he was back asleep.
Here's the run down from the night before.
J and Steve started Rambo 3 at 8pm and didn't get to bed until after 10:30pm and I'm sure knowing J he wasn't asleep 'til after 11 or 11:30. I was sleeping of course becasue I can take boy movies but not the Rambo's. Then Justin got right up at 6am with big brother.

A beni of homeschooling has always been that the kids can be on a late schedule if need be and then just sleep the next day. Not for Vaughan this year and Justin said today was his last day of doing the "drop-off", which means he'll be sleeping in. Which makes me wonder are we the only family who together as a whole drives their freshman child to high school? From the looks of the cars int he parent drop loop, we are; I'm talkin' mom, dad and little bro. Oh well, it's how we roll!

Here are pictures that we took before the morning nap.
Bear with me they are not much different than 1 week ago.
My guys!

Brothers. They love each other like no other, they know each other like no other, they fight with each other like no other!

Me: still short.

Trying to get some height on them!

This time Fluff stayed inside, here's our cat Lolly, not the brightest- Lolly as in Lollypop- as in a Dum Dum lollypop.

Justin school supplies/curriculum. Wow have things changed since elementary school with crayons and markers, glue sticks, construction paper, flash cards and board games. Now it's notebooks and binders, books and computer.

Oh, so I'm sitting in my sewing room yesterday when I hear this scratching at the wall/door. It sounded to me like the field mice we use to have in NH. That didn't fit, we don't have field mice here and we don't have much that would make that sound. Not a lizard, or a snake or a spider. I sat for a few minutes almost afraid to look. Of course I try to get the dog to go look but he won't; finally I took a peak and look what I saw!
A blue crab!

He was a bit freaky when he moved- crabs are quick! But pretty cool don't ya think.

So it's after 11 and Justin's up practicing guitar, now he's done- I'm on!

Back to school!
Happy day!


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