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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hole in Our Day, A Plan that May Work and God's Truth

Yesterday was weird.
Good, but weird.

I'll start with the weird and I'll keep it brief. Weird because I've spent the last 14 yrs 9 mo with Vaughan and now he is gone for 10 hours a day. Justin missed him too, he's been his whole life with the kid.
Vaughan didn't think of us once.
All above facts are true, each party admits to it!


On to the good: Justin and I had a great day of home school; besides him getting a little giggly in the afternoon he did great. I've seen so much growth in him these last few years it's amazing to think he's the same kid! It's true when they say boys mature slower than girls and for some boys it's even slower than the "norm". That's been J and that's why I've loved home schooling: he's been able to take his time growing up. Meanwhile I'm happy we do school at a table and sitting up straight!

So our first day went well. I've put his schedule in an Excel worksheet. I'm thinking it'll work great and he can't lose it! When he finishes an assignment he can check it off by highlighting the cell any color he wants; when I am done checking over each assignment I put a slash through it! Lord willing this will solve both our problems and allow for easy schedule changes!

Of course it's the TreeHouse SchoolHouse way to not be fully prepared so we still don't have all our curriculum yet- I'm borrowing SOS 7th grade Lang Arts and Science from my neighbor!

It was Sunday night that I decided I should throw something together for the Monday start, so here's what I came up with:

7h Grade age 12 y 6mo
1. Bible: personal devotion
2. 8am- Guitar: 30 minutes practice OUT OF BOOK!~notice only subject with a time and let's face it we're flexible with the time
3. Math Saxon Algebra 1/2 (Pre-Alg.) with D.I.V.E.
4. Reading Comprehension- 8th grade series we'll work through
5. History- US History, we'll work through book adding events to our timeline, although J wants to learn about the Vietnam War so we'll take a break next month and cover that.
6. PE: karate

That covers my main Bible-reading-writing-arithmetic goal for each day. Now today's the first day of us on my fall work schedule, add in Steve's MIA for the evenings this week and that leaves me running and picking up kids on top of a meeting for our high school workers tonight!

In my prayer book this morning I prayed for patience, from me and for me from God. Cool how God gives us what we need before we need it. 2 Peter 3:9

Now to actually go about my day I have to stop blogging...

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