Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gay Fay

It's been a whole week of rain.

Monday afternoon at 2:30 we watch the clouds begin to change to the famous north-west movement that comes with a hurricane/tropical storm.

Shortly after it started to rain and really has stopped since.

Well the eye did sit over use for Wednesday so it was dry for a period of time.

Since the storm brings wind and rain and not any thunder and lightning going out in it isn't all that bad. I mean you'll get soaked in 5 seconds flat and you'll watch out for flying debry but we've hung out in this storm and had a good time. I do live with teenagers who are invincible, in case you were wondering. Yesterday the boys went to a friends and spent a bunch of time in the pool- raining and an overflowing pool! Sounds like fun.

On Wednesday morning we visited the beach and after 15 minutes we were drenched to the bone. See:

Lots of rain means a rising swamp and frogs galore!

Cats are a must when living near the woods/fields/swamp

The problem with this storm and picture taking is I can't go out into the storm and take any! I did snap these of the known "damage" around our place.

Steve and I were sitting on the back porch when we heard the crack, crack, bang of this tree falling. I immediately jumped up and ran to the Lego room to see if Justin was OK and then I headed for the best look out over the woods. As I looked out the boys window I saw this:
We knew the tree could go and we're thrilled to see that when God brought it down yesterday it landed perfectly in the side yard.
Another view:

I just kept saying "Thank You Lord" and we were simply amazed and thrilled that there was no damage, it was as if God sent His angels themselves to cut the tree and they laid it perfect. I imagined what that was like in the spiritual realm. I've been around many a tree cutting and know when the placement of the fall must be just so there's a "holding of breath" feeling in the air. I'm sure Steve's angel was cutting and my angel most likely was on the back porch with me not wanting to watch!

Within 5 minutes I headed back out on the back porch to see this:

Yep, that's the trampoline from the front yard (hey we're Greek front yard entertaining is what it's about)! Seems like in all our preparedness, or lack of, we forgot to flip the trampoline over and 50+mph wind gusts showed us why we should have.

So for now that's our Tropical Storm story. We're staying inside or on the back porch, except for a few outside walk arounds. My tomato plants are surviving, except they are blown, along with their "cages" at a 45 degree angle. I keep going out and straightening them but again wind gusts don't care what I want.

Steve had yesterday off! Not from the paper, that bad boy must be delivered everyday. He actually said it was a cool adventure when he was delivering, with both front windows open, during the rainiest/windiest part of the storm. Now the car smells a bit funky and I'm considering a dehumidifier for in there.
Speaking of cars, the van has some mysterious leak as well. Water finds it's way onto the floor of the passenger side? Anyone run into this before? Oh the things a tropical storm will do, the things it'll do.

So this morning I am the lone one awake, school was canceled again and Steve has the day off again! The swamp is rising and the rain is still coming, by tonight it should be done.
I think.
I haven't watched the news or checked the radar yet today so who knows. Although looking at the cloud rotation we're on the back side of this gay event.
Fay has been the most unpredictable, strangest storm I've ever seem.
When I can I'll pull video up so you can see and hear what's it like around here. Oh who am I kidding when Vaughan wakes up I'll have him do it. Have I mentioned everyone needs a teenage boy around? They do.
Until then: Life is Good.

PS for the record the first day of school was Monday, then 4 days off and back again this coming Monday. I usually start my home school 1 week after the public school, which would have been this Monday.
Hmmm.. should I start or wait another week? What would you do if you were me?


Amanda said...

Reading your words is like stiing with and I love it! Ha don't start till the following week Sept 2 that's when were starting, plus you'll be ppolside with me so Justin isnt gonna want start then...

WOW God is so cool, and Mighty. Thankful is a such a wonderful feeling.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I love it. I want to be in some weather! H

Superhero Mom said...

You know me, I would start on Monday (but then I started last Monday and kept going with little eyes staring out the window the whole time) but hey - that was me as a high school teacher and all of my students gazing out at the sight of the first snowfall. I literally got on top of the heaters and taught in front of the windows! I was such a mean teacher! hahaha! ...that is why my students loved me so much! No really, they loved me and I loved them. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your diary of Gay Fay and I still would start on Monday - why not!!


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