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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Race Day

Ok so I've had issues with moving my photos around so I'll just go with how they sit now.

Today was the first race for Vaughan as member of the high school cross country team. It was actually considered a scrimmage race but a race nonetheless.

We traveled south about an hour and the boys race was delayed due to lightning. Living in the lightening capital of the world all sports stadiums are equipped with a lightning horn that blows when it strikes too close. A second blow sends out the all clear.

So here are some pictures from the race. Vaughan did better than his 5k back in Feb. but struggled to run the whole 5k today. He finished in 23 minutes give or take and finished behind his best friend and another x-football kid. I think this is good for him to finish behind, in many areas he doesn't and a little incentive to push harder won't be bad for him.

After warming up (below photo) the boys lined up on the 20 yard line of the field and waited for the shot tog sound. I've noticed running is not a modest sport, I'm not sure how I feel about the half naked, sweaty teenagers swarming all over the place? Vaughan's wearing the black tank top.

After the race with dad and bubby.

Finishing up.

Of course the race began on the football field and ended on the track, as we crossed the grid iron I couldn't help but snap a few pictures.

The goal post. Lord willing we'll be back at football next season. Vaughan has said he prefers football over running. He also says cross country practice is way harder than football practice. More of a constant effort.

Hat disclaimer. bad hair going on right now, i don't like the length, cut or humidity inducing waves.

So a new season has begun, where we go next week is still a mystery to me.
Happy running to any crazy people out there who enjoy this sport, I'm just good at cheering people on.

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