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Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Of School 2008 Edition

you’ll be happy to know my camera is somewhat fixed so this very important post will include photos.

So my world has been rocked, and in that rocking somehow, someway, my oldest fell out of my daily world and right into the hallways of the local high school.
After 10 years of homeschooling (preschool-8th) this was like a BIG deal!

We had a great time this morning. Steve and I woke first and then I woke the boys up. After breakfast, French toast and sausage, we sat around talking like usual. We told stories and messed with each other. Fluff was around and exhausted by 7am.

Hanging out sharing stories and laughing.

Highlight story of the morning dealt with advice Vaughan got from his uncle yesterday. The advice started with, "Vaughan high school is like prison, you gotta get in a fight the first day."

Yes, he is "that" uncle, the one eveyone has. The boys love him and of course he's back inthe country just in time to give my child allthe crazy advice he needs before entering high school.
We also messed with him and joked about taking pictures; we even went as far as to tell him his grandparents were meeting him for pictures at the school. Now if you know Vaughan he’s a cool, relaxed kid; but about 2 minutes after the grandparent/picture comment he said, “I can’t believe my grandparents are showing up at the school.”

Steve and I got a good laugh from that one.
Let the photo taking begin...
The photos, oh the photos.
I'm looking rather short.
I have no words for this one.

The car ride.
I was told I had to drive so I wouldn't jump out to give him a hug goodbye. I was also told the above photo of just Vaughan was the last one I was allowed to take.
Did they think I wouldn't snap this one? I had to. How could I resist.
The line of cars waiting to get on campus.
The backseat will be radically different.
The drop off went smooth and quick. I didn't even get teary eyed. We saw more kids we knew than at a reunion and Vaughan's best friend drove in right behind us.
It's done. He's gone. A t least for 10 hours today, and tomorrow and Wednesday...
It's about now I'm asking myself what have I done?
I have a peace. I miss him but it's been 14 years in the making. He'll do good. He won't miss us.
So there it is the first day of school- ever!!! for my baby.
Now J and I have a week before our homeschool starts- our "last week of freedom" as he puts it.
So far we've eatten, cleaned the bathrooms, played guitar and are going grocery/hurricane shopping.
Good time


Amanda said...

I was waiting for this post all morn. I so wanted to call V and give some advice...Now if Lisa would just post a pic of a yellow bus all would be calm in my thoughts of you. By the way I love J hair, he looks so much older is the only thing... Enjoy your day and please post how it went, if you get those details, by the way it was still dark outside does that mean he goes at 5am?

Michelle said...

We're ALL up at 6am- school at 7 for a 7 something start time.


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