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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seriously, I Remember High School Like Yesterday...

...and now my oldest is there.

First day of school went good.
Vaughan knew someone in every one of his classes. He knew them from different places; scouts, youth group, football.

He found all his classes although he said he didn't think he had time to make it to his locker between them.

Now he has 2 days off- thanks Tropical Storm Fay.

First beni of public school: we called them snow days, you'll call them hurricane days.

We realized the size of one of the buildings at Vaughan's school was larger than the entire middle/high school his parents attended.

I also bought school supplies today. That experience has changed a lot.
I no longer purchase crayons and markers. This year it was notebooks and pens/pencils.

So the frst day was good. Cross Country after school went good.
No homework.
No books.
These will come later, until now I try to forget that I have a child in high school.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Like yesterday, no... I'm glad the first day went well, want to hear more about running.
Thanks for the update.

Valor and Honor want to come play...


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