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Friday, August 15, 2008

Part of Me Wants to Boycott Football

OK so I have to admit.

It's been hard lately reading and seeing things that deal with football.

I drove by the practice field last night and my heart sank. We are not football parents this year.

I am not a football mom.

I really was enjoying the role, I've had 4 years to get comfy in it. Now I'm a cross country mom.
-swallow hard-

Not that there is anything wrong with cross country; it's just not football.
any football mom out there knows exactly what I'm talking about here

Already I've noticed some differences.
1. Mandatory CC practice doesn't begin until school starts on Monday- it's been unofficially mandatory for football since July 1st plus the May spring training
2. CC practice various when and where it meets and even has practice doing fundraising- football is consistent with meeting times and place, you better not be less than 5 minutes early and fundraising instead of practicing, are you kidding me?

So for 2008 my pom poms will on their shelf and my Cuda football voice will go into remission. I just can't see me yelling "hit someone!" while my son jogs by me during a race.

I'm excited!
Vaughan starts high school on Monday, he'll start running that evening and my schedule will be a lot more open than years past.
As far as football is concerned: I'll attend some Friday night games, catch the JV team on Thursdays and inside, my heart will be breaking- because I'm sadly taking a year off from being a football mom.

Stay tuned for CC info though because you know I'll still find lots to say.

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