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Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy 15th Anniversary!

Yesterday Steve and I celebrated 15 years of marriage!

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.

It was a nice night. Steve came home with roses and a sweet card.

We then ordered the boys Chinese and headed out to eat ourselves. Something else cool about teenagers is that they don't need babysitters!

After dinner we went for a drive. One of my favorite things to do; we took some backs roads and side drives.

Finished with a chunk of time at the local bookstore and then to Publix for carrot cake and tiramisu. Finished the night off with a little bit o' lovin and olympic gymnastics!

So 15 years! This is the point where I'd leave a message to my husband but since he doesn't read this blog I'll just say this: it's been a great ride/journey/adventure these last 15 years. We're blessed, Steve rocks and life is good. Praise God!


Amanda said...

Ahh congrats! 15 Years WOW. Love you guys!


Allison said...


Katie said...

Happy anniversary! 15 years is truly an accomplishment!! Congrats!

Superhero Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! The best is yet to be - can you imagine that!!! (I am sure you can!) OH I just love growing old with my best friend! Congratulations Michelle and Steve!


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