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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Manna 4 Lempira

Road to Mercedes, Lempira, Honduras

In June 2014 I visited a feeding center in Mercedes, Lempira, Honduras. I would forever be changed by the faces, smiles, laughs and reality I encountered that afternoon.

As we drove on the winding frontier roads local women carrying rice in their Dutch ovens got a covering of dust as we passed.

Make shift kitchen

After a time of games and fun those women set up kitchen on the stairway platform, serving 100 or so children a nutrient packed bowl of  rice from those Dutch ovens.

They ate it up and it did smell yummy.
The children used their fingers to scoop the rather yummy smelling meal into their mouths. Some images are best taken in your mind, I happen to also capture this one on my iPhone.

I now sponsor a girl from that town and church. For $15/month she is being fed that same meal at that same location where I sat 2 short years ago. I may have already met her.

I hope to officially meet her in January.
I could learn Spanish.
Outside the feeding center/church

To learn more about Manna for Lempira and to sponsor a child click here.

Want to help a Honduran child get school supplies?

Stayed tuned... or 
contact me asking about the Back Pack Campaign: helping send Honuran children to school.

Back Pack Campaign coming soon.


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