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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keeping Permanent Markers Away From Child

You may remember that I have been weeding out around here.
Well when I returned from my trip to Rhode Island I was inspired by my friend Niki to paint some of my dark wood.
I decided to start with the dining room table.
Only I haven't painted it yet but I have moved it out of the dining room.
Which, if you have a young child, is awesome!

I love having an empty room.
Easy to vacuum, easy to play in.
To see a taste of what we do in that open space go here.

But I am now met with a bit of a dilemma.
Tomorrow is Aubry's birthday party and we have no table to gather around.
On a  day to day we gather around our 10 foot bar but that will be a buffet of cookies and treats.
So the great furniture swap is happening today as treadmill, bookcase and craft table all migrate for a season and hopefully somewhere along the way we'll keep our wide open space!

Oh and why the title? because I had to navigate typing this blog and keeping permanent markers away form Aubry.
Smile today,

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