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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have certainly been sparadic on the blog.
All is well.
I am still off the FB and loving it!
When I see people I have no idea what their life has been so I get to ask them about it!!

I've also been traveling.
Back to my NH hometown for my 20th high school reunion; gotta say it was a blast! When the reunion idea was first out there I was hesitant; not sure why but I was, then I realized it had been 20 years and we shared an experience together and so traveling back for the reunion could only be a fun time.
And it was.

The best part of the whole weekend was the 6.5 mile hike with my 17 year old.
It was awesome sharing that love of hiking and the love of my local mountain. 

After that quick weekend Steve and I dropped Justin off at the airport for home and I made my way for another week with a friend in Newport, RI.

The worst thing about vacation is coming home and realizing the dishes and laundry, floors and porch all need to be tended to. Reality or real life is not always as fun after a vacation; so I am currently settling in to the life I live, the life I love.

Here are some photos to make us all smile: 
Justin and I almost to the top of Mt Sunapee

Aubry learned to climb rocks and stone walls

Justin and I explored the river

My current kids at home
Coggeshall Farms in Rhode Island

My RI hostess, nanny, other mom, driver, decorator, dinner cooker and overall great friend: Niki
For a few minutes we thought she may have her own seat, I don't think she ever got over the fact that she had to give it up-- Orlando flights tend to be full.

So that was a brief recap.
I've been being intentional about going back to my roots {read about it in this post} and settling in more at home.
Saying no to things of new and sadly to things of old.
Quieting down.


Missy said...

Great photos of NH! I was wondering how the reunion went. Aubry is looking so grown up.

Joanna {a pretty cool fat chick} said...

Miss you on FB - but I am blogging now.
I think of you often. <3


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