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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Old Post but Worth Sharing

I found this in my posts archive, not sure why it didn't get posted; but here it is...

Catching up with pictures. 
Back in June Steve, Aubry and I traveled to Detroit to see my friend Lisa graduate from high school. Most of the pictures from that trip I uploaded to Shutterfly and just don't feel like accessing them right now, 
but I will
cause I want you to see Lisa and her unique graduation and our trip to the city.
Aubry and I had been reading Baby's Day Out leading up to the trip and as we visited all the sights of the big city we, OK I, could related all those real life big city spots to spots in the book.

We stayed in the old Polish community center and home to Detroit Love Inc. 

Buildings, like the great outdoors are not done any justice by photos. I've learned that while photos can look beautiful and amazing once the naked eye has laid it's gaze on something so beautiful no photo could ever compare.
But trust me- a 100 year old building in Detroit is amazing.

Aubry loved the sink baths and I loved the brick walls and large windows that hung as her backdrop.

Detroit's Eastern Market is always a must on a stop over in Detroit. the Menninte oatmeal creme pies being my main reason to go- yum! So it was a joy for me to take both Aubry and Steve. 

Back on the home front pallet wood has been where it's at. You can see my stash of broken down pallets. My oldest son Vaughan has become an expert at breaking them down and assembling them so I can then brainstorm or Pinterest for ideas.
This stack in the picture is now depleted down to a few boards.

Holidays lend to themed signs. Here is a sign I made for my mom's cottage and it served as a nice greeting when we attended the annual 4th of July party at her place.
I hope to do a few other signs with barns on them; growing up in New England old barns are as pleasing to the eye as 100 year old Polish community centers.
I will always recall 2 barns in my home town, an extra large size barn just north of the high school that seemed to own the field it lived in and swallowed up the farmhouse lying between it and the road
and then an old yellow barn not far from the extra large one, a little off the beaten path on the way to Steve's high school home.
I am sure they will both serve as inspiration.

 My daughter-in-law suggested I get this bird feeder and I'm glad she did.
Every morning Aubs and I wake up, grab our morning drink and sit watching the birds come and go just feet away. We are so spoiled.

School starts Monday and the love-hate relationship I have with most things in life applies to back to school as well. 

We first must do school shopping.
I know 2 days left, but it's how we roll.

I love the routine that comes with school.
It kind of kicks my butt into gear, making for more visibily productive days.

I hate not having my kids here.
It's sad to send them off, to not eat lunch with them or talk with them.
It's why I loved home schooling,
but such is life and Justin enjoys school and his calling and place in life right now is to be gone.

I hope you find balance as the fall approaches and as I am constantly doing I hope you enjoy your now and in enjoying it you find joy.

Peace, love and Jesus,

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