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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Go! Dog Go!

As of last night at about 8pm we became owners of cats only for the second time in exactly 9 weeks. Here's the short of it.

This is Fluff. We got Fluff 6 years ago at the Humane Society when we moved into our house. She was the best dog ever. Not only was she great with the kids but she was always with me in the garden and if I gave her a clump of weeds she'd pull them out! On June 13th of this year I had a crazy busy day and week and upcoming week. In all the running around I left Fluff in our van for 5.5 hours.
In Florida.
In June.
When I found her she was barely hanging on and by the time we reached the ER Vet clinic she was gone. She is buried in our back yard and a patch of wildflowers will cover her grave.
I don't take full responsibility for her death, it is what it is; she was meant to go at that time.
I still feel bad, my heart still aches at times.

This is Bella. We got Bella on August 8th at the Humane Society. 3 days later she began limping, a "deep bruise" was what the vet said. We brought her home, medication and all. She got better, she got worse. One week after we picked her up and 9 weeks after Fluff died we headed back to the ER Vet clinic. After a series of bloodwork and further investigation on her "fast growing open wound" we made the decision to have her put down. Basically her issues were extensive and with a grave outlook. Her skin was peeling away and rotting, neurologial issues, surgery and maybe more.

So here we are dogless, again.
Add in the cripple cat, see her story here, and we've had an "exciting" summer of pet emotions.

I am spent. After sitting in the ER for 3 hours I was over it. On the way home I began to melt down, all the questions and frustrations.
Why this dog?
Why so costly to have it end like this? we dropped 600 bucks on this dog in a week
Why us and 2 dog deaths in a summer?

I don't know about you but I hate it when my thought life goes down that path. It leads to no where good. No where good I tell you.

It is what it is.
If the Lord wants good things for me and has good plans for me, than this must be for the good.
Must be.
If all my days were layed out before I was even born, than this was in that plan.
I rest assured that for today, for now, we are dogless.
I find peace in that.

I have learned a few things along the way; and been reminded of some lessons learned years ago.
Enjoy every day. Every moment.
Make memories in the moment you're in.
Don't wait or wish for tomorrow, it may never come.

Take life and all it throws or rolls your way with a perspective beyond yourself.
We only see a short part of the whole picture.
We see the today part, the me part; we don't see the ripple in the pond, the road that lies ahead.

Accept things that you can't change and make a positive effort to change the things you can.

And then above all, as I say to the kids all the time: LOVE.
Simply love those in your path right now.
If it's the crying, fit-pitching toddler: love, you pitched fits before and they will grow up and out one day.
The puking, peeing dog: love, they would go outside if they could.
The husband who shows up late and doesn't call: love, sometimes things take him longer than he expects.
The teenager who is kind to you this morning and is speaking in "umphs" and groans later this morning: love, they are closer than ever to life outside your home.
The guy who cuts you off on the way to work: love, you'll get there in time.
The girl who doesn't speak to you or call when you want: love, who knows what she's going through right now.

So that's it. That's the story of our two dogs.

But if I were you, I'd come back to this here blog on Monday,
cause I have more life changing news.

Have a great Sunday,


Anonymous said...

you guys have had a rough run with pets. I'm sorry to hear this. Maybe we will just be able to sit and laugh about this someday... someday.

Bev said...

Michelle, you have a gift for putting your life in words. Keep it up. You shared a lot of important thoughts in this blog. Thanks for sharing. Bev


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