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Monday, August 31, 2009

8th Grade

*updated from pre-school post.
We survived! We had a blast!
We took some pre-tests for reading comprehension, started into Algebra 1, began our new writing curriculum, dove right into some Greek and Latin root words and started on Science and our first unity study of botany.
We wrapped up our first day of home schooling not too long ago, it was at that time I realized I had no pictures!!!
We ran outside and....
Here is Justin in his first day of school photo!

Since I always get shots of Vaughan walking into school on his first day we thought we'd do the same with Justin. Here he is after he rode his bike 10 feet from the van to the house!!
Here he is posing with his 8th grade teacher -- me!!

Here is what I wrote this morning before we began....

Today is the first day of our home school.
8th grade for Justin.
Last year of middle school.
My last year of full-time home school. please hear the mild panic in my voice

Wish I could say it started off early but it didn't. We had a late night and then I was up when Steve got up at 3:30am and was awake until close to wake time at 6:00am and then,
yep, you know it,
slept through my alarm.

So, Steve got Vaughan off to school and now I am gearing up for school with Justin.

Good thing about teenagers, morning time lasts all day so a 9am wake time, not too shabby!

Happy day!


Kacie said...

Here's to a great first day of homeschooling for everyone involved! My hubby was homeschooled the whole way through. I was for one year, and then my mom and I decided we got along better when i was in big school. ;)

Dani said...

I looove reading your blogs - they warm my heart and bring a big smile to my face! :-)

She Glows for God said...

That is to funny. sounds like Jillian's and I day. Today was her officially day. I have a picture of her at her desk on the computer. I got asked pre algebra questions and a note. Love it. Our day got started at about 9am as well. Love it. Oh and I went back to bed when Paige left at 6:40am.

Superhero Mom said...

I love this post! I almost got a little choked up thinking how soon it may be coming to a close for you and your journey. Hmmm....this, as always is when I feel grateful for having little ones. Love you Michelle!

Whitney said...

I am so excited that you get to savor this year with Justin the way you wanted to. It makes me smile, here is a big hug from me to you. Enjoy 8th grade!


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