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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Jess and I, Neiman Marcus.
A little taste of heaven on the escalator.

Today I made a trip to the mall.
This may not seem like a big deal to most of you but for me it's HUGE!

First of all, over the past 8 years I have visited the mall an average of 1.25 times a year.
Again, perhaps there's a small group of you who could care less about the mall at all.
Well I was raised a mall rat.
My mom hit the Maine Mall as often as she could.
Add in yearly shopping trips to Boston, New York and North Conway; I learned my way under all the racks in all the stores on the eastern seaboard; not to mention the rating system I had for department stores. Jordan Marsh, great bathroom, Macy's, run free, Tiffany's, wake up and pay attention- it all sparkles!

In high school the nearest mall was an hour away and yet I still seemed to make a weekly trip. I wasn't really a shopper, it was a social event for me.

Then I got married young, had two babies shortly after and began to live a lifestyle that didn't allow for mall trips. I didn't and don't mind this change in my old routine, I really like being "unmalled", but sometimes I miss it!

Anyway this was a long winded way to say I got in some mall time, to the tune of 6 hours, in the Mall of Millenia!

One of my youth group girls and I headed over for some school shopping, browsing, dreaming, coffee and talking!

We hit all the fun stores,
top on our list were:
Tiffany & Co. - we share a very special bond over this store
Juicy Couture - this was new for me
Coach - new to my fav list
Anthropologie - could live there
Chanel - because Every girl alive should wear Chanel No. 5
and of course, Neiman Marcus - no cookies though

Thrilled that I got to have a little bit of useless fun today!
This girl is my NYC shopping buddy, I see it one day!!

PS: I found this couch and love it!

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