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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Global Generation

I have some BIG news I am dying to share with you all only, I can't because it involves someone else and I am waiting for their OK. Errr...

In the meantime I wanted to share with you a little about teenagers of the 2000's.

Technology plays such a major role in their lives; but then again I think it does in ours too!
My space, Facebook, Twitter, blogs.
Our lives are often lived online. As long as face-to-face times gets thrown into the adgenda I'm cool with it.

So, both the boys have a friend over right now, they are sitting in the living room, Justin is in charge of th music, currently Crazy Train while the other three play Xbox Live.

For those of you who do not know what XBox Live is, let me explain:
First of all XBox is a gaming system.
You know like Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, Wii.

XBox Live is the online community that the boys can log into and play their XBox with other gamers online.

OK, so the neat thing that just made it into our house is the headset for this XBox. Using this headset Vaughan can talk to the other players in the game he is playing.
Please notice Scott in the background, playing the game and texting.

insert teenage hint: a teenager looking down at their lap is texting!

We can also hear on our end the voices of the other gamers. Most of the time it's friends of the boys so they are all in seperate houses playing against or with each other while they talk via the game as well as call and text each other.

And as if this was not enough they are usually texting people who are not involved in the gaming arena at all.

4 sit in theliving room
6 voices I hear
9-10 are communictaing with each other.
Technology never ceases to amaze me!



tessahjake said...

not just teenagers - my 32 year old kid has XBOX live....

coldbayprincess said...

your killin me!

coldbayprincess said...



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