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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Quit My Job

...there you go, that's my BIG news!
Although I don't like to think of it as quitting but more as moving into a new season in life.

I actually gave my notice two Mondays ago and my last day is this Friday! I was waiting for an e-mail to be sent out to our adult leaders, our Lifeguards, and that went out today.
Now I can share with the rest of the people in my life!!

Here is a piece of what I said in that letter:

"Please know I am not leaving because of any ‘relational’ or ‘political’ reasons;
this decision comes with much prayer and as Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, "There
is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven". Just as
the Lord opened the door for me to prayerfully step into this job and season 2
years ago, He has shown me that this season of employment has now come to an
end; my time and efforts need to be focused back on our home, Justin's last full
year of home schooling and being Steve's helpmate in his business.”

My heart is still with student ministries. I will still lead a small group on Wednesday and be part of Fuel the student leadership team.

I am excited to step into this new season.
My heart has always been in my home.
I may not be the greatest at housekeeping, cooking and laundry but I do love to do all things home.

I already have projects lined up.
Sewing, baking, cleaning...

Next week Vaughan goes back to school and I will take the whole week off!
I am thrilled!!
The the following week TreeHouse SchoolHouse will start back and I will also officially start as Steve's bookkeeper.

So, that's the big news.
No baby.
No moving.
Just me moving out of one job and into another.

Gotta say I'm wicked excited!


Superhero Mom said...

Well! I am just as excited for you my friend. I feel like I've been praying for forever for God to give you clarity and it appears He did just that! I am so proud of you too Michelle! You go girl!

coldbayprincess said...

SHANE just asked hows michelle and steve doing and i thought he was looking at my blog stuff, but he wasn't he was just sittin on the couch thinking of you guys.
we love and miss ya.

The Glow Girls said...

cool beans. So does that mean you and I can hang as Mom's now and talk homeschool, sewing, life and have coffee? I'm so exctied for you on so many levels. I love it when God leads us into the season of our lives. Proud of you and can't wait to see what He is going to do next in your life. Yea!

Bev said...

God used you in that position in a mighty way. Now you are right where he wants you in this next season of life and will grow you and your family in an awesome way. Your boys will love it and you will all thrive in Him.


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