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Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Dog!

SO Bella has been causing us issues since last Monday night.

Actually it was Tuesday at 1am that the boys woke me because she just wasn't herself.
I came to the conclusion that she would need to go to the vet the next day and I stayed up with her just to keep an eye on her.

She started off limping and crying when she was touched or had to move too much. At first she was going to the bathroom and eating just fine, now, not so much.

An all day trip to the vet on Tuesday warranted 2 x-rays and the conclusion that she has a large, deep bruise. We could pinpoint an accident she had with one of the extra kids around here that would have lead to this bruise. They sent us home with meds and said it would be a long healing process.

She seemed to be getting better. Her left shoulder is where the bruise is and her left foot swelled up but today it's not looking all that bad.

Thursday morning she woke up with a swollen lip and chin.
I thought it was part of her bruise swelling and maybe she had eaten something outside not so great for her. It was also on Thursday that blood started to appear on her shoulder. Not much but it was there.

Well, you know me and my wait, wait, wait until I call a dr. or vet in this matter. By the time I did on Friday they were all out until Monday. I made a Monday appointment.

Now today, Saturday. She is getting worse. She now has a large open sore on her shoulder that I first noticed yesterday and a new one appeared this morning.

So we are headed to the emergency vet in Daytona so they can take a peak at her.
I don't have much more money to put into this dog. We've only had her a week and she is costing us, costing us!!! If you read this please pray.

Just another day around here-

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