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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How We Roll

This is how school shopping goes in our house.
I don't necessarily think it's because I have boys, because I know boys who are much pickier about their clothes than this.
My friend Lori would say it's because our kids are raised by free-spirited hippies who belong on a gypsy cart traveling about.
I say, she could be right
maybe not?

Here's our day yesterday:
Vaughan goes through all his clothes and pulls out either what doesn't fit him, which the older they get the less this is, and what he doesn't wear.
These items go in a pile on the dining room table, if anyone knows a better spot for a pile of clothes let me know.

Next Justin goes through he pile and picks out what he wants.

Then I simply ask them: what do you need for school.

This year Vaughan replied, 1 shirt and 2 shorts, a backpack and new sneakers.
Justin, who actually got nothing from Vaughan's pile this year, says 2 pair jeans, a backpack and new sneakers.

Now today we will shop.
Due to budgeting reasons we'll shop for Vaughan this week and Justin next.
It'll take about an hour and a half.
That's it.
In and out.

Why buy what you don't need.
Why buy what they don't ask for.

So how about you, what is school shopping like at your house?

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