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Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School 2009 Edition

Ok, so our second first day of public school is here.
I woke up early and got breakfast on the table for Vaughan, which is easy cause he like a bowl of cereal for breakfast each morning.
Then, with less production as last year, we stepped out front for pictures, hopped in the van and drove to school.
Wow! They have grown so much. Branden is starting 11th grade and Vaughan 10th.

After a 10 minute wait in the car pool line they were gone. I was threatened that if I took pics they'd take my camera away.
So I did what any good mother of teenagers would do, I turned off my flash as took pictures anyway; no matter how big they get, I'm still the boss!
I drove away and began to cry.
Does the crying after the first day ever end?
If I had to guess I'd say for me, no.
Each step they take is one step closer to being gone, I just don't know it I will ever get over that.
So 10th and 11th grade are underway.
sigh - deep breath
It's gonna be a good year!


She Glows for God said...

At least you got to take your child to school. Paige did not want me to drive her to school. Thought we got a hug and a kiss and huge smile this morning before she went off. My heart aches. One more year. Now tomorrow as I take Tobin to Kinder. Then I will fall apart. Help!!

Vanessa said...

Hope it's a great start to an amazing school year for your boys and for you as you transition jobs as well.

Kacie said...

awwww. I love your tender heart for your kids! My dad dropped off my sister at college last week and Joy said she'd never seen him cry like that before. That's exactly what I experienced when he dropped me off. I love that tender love of my dad for his daughters!


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