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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lord O' The Rings Fest 2

We finished!
Our annual Lord of the Rings Fest is officially over!

This year we had to spread it out over a Mon-Tues and Thursday due to a lack of attendance on Wed, nonetheless, WE. ARE. FINISHED!!!

Every year for the past, well 2 years, we've held a Lord of the Rings Fest, where we watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movies, extended versions, back to back to back.

This year at 9am every morning my house looked like this, notice my comfy chair and quilt.

As we all sat around and ate 14 bags of popcorn, 1 large bag of M-n-M's, 1 large bag of jelly beans, 2 boxes of Cheeze-Its, countless sandwiches and gallons of water while watching Frodo and Sam complete their quest to destroy evil and save Middle-Earth.

Now that I've watched enough TV to last me a whole year I can't help but think more deeply into these great books.

So.... being the homeschooling mother I am we are reading and studying these books for our literature study this year at TreeHouse SchoolHouse.

As I pack up the movies, rearrange my living room back to normal and vacuum up popcorn kernels the reality of summer ending sets in. On one hand I'm thrilled! I will get my house back and go back to feeding 3 kids instead of 6-8. On the other hand it means back to school, back to papers and teaching, no more lazy beach Tuesdays, pool swimming and the carefree attitude that accompanies summer days.

So for these last 2 weeks we'll have to cram as much fun into them as possible and that will include a trip here and here, our annual trip here and maybe even here.

It's time I remove my eyes even from this laptop screen as they are truly bugging out of my head at this point in time.

Peace out!


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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Seeing the picture of all those boys and thinking of them all eating popcorn made me shudder. I can only imagine the popcorn mess :O) But it looked like loads of fun. Enjoy the next 2 weeks. We're trying to pack in as much as we can too!!


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