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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shouldn't I Be n Bed?

Up too late.
The boys just got home and to bed. They were at a ballgame and concert with some friends.
I'm tired and realizing my homeschool starts on Monday.

My 8th graders homeschool curriculum, borrowed from my neighbor, came yesterday and I saw that it's a 7th grade curriculum- the same thing he did last year.

He'll start with math, Bible, History and grammar on Monday and Language Arts and Science will just have to wait until I find the cash to purchase it...

Which could be next year, or most likely next week when my mom return's from her vacation.

Anyway, until them or then, depending on what time you're reading htis, I will use these late night hours to plan some sort of a Language Art unit for him. I'm thinking some sort of book study. Either Lord of the Rings or Pilgrim's Progress? He's not a reader so this will pose a challenge.

Well in the 2 seconds it took to write what I could do in these late hours I suddenly got very tired.

The thought of the work in the planning of the study was enough to put me to sleep on the spot. Yikes!

Praise God! That I'm tired, with my insomniac tendencies sleep is good.

Speaking of praises! here are a few more: had a great parent/child interaction with V today. And an answered prayer with my best friend!!! God rocks!


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