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Monday, July 30, 2007

All This and A Bag of Popcorn Too!

Had a busy day today.

We've had a busy life these last few weeks. Surprisingly enough it hasn't been wearing on me, or my kids or hubs. I've asked them.

It's God.

Life has been so unpredictable lately. It's been busy. It's been full of change.

Perhaps it's everything happening at once and nothing has hit home yet. I just don't think so. It's God. When I got offered my new job I had been praying about it for months ahead of time. I had gotten a heads up that the position was being created and my name had come up. I didn't say anything - to anyone, not even Steve. I simply prayed that if this were the job God had for me, I knew it was headed that way, me working outside the home, and I asked the Lord that if this was where He wanted me that He would bring it to me and that it would met a few requirements that I wasn't willing to budge on.

It did!

So the addition of my job is covered by God. We're also back into having some issues with our new business. Our area/county isn't real helpful for small business. They have been making it hard for us. Looks like we have a few things that need more attention than we want to give to them but what do we do but handle it. With God.

So my busy week last week and my busy Monday today have gone quite well and I give all the praise and glory to God. He is so good. I spent much of my life doing things my way in my time that it's somewhat relaxing and peaceful to wait on the Lord and on His timing.

Frustrating, unpleasant. Yes, but worth it.

So in closing I just gotta let ya know what my day consisted of.

6:20am woke up feeling cranky and wanting to snap at everyone, I keep my mouth shut.
coffee, clean kitchen (busy Sun nite too), start laundry, get Steve off to work

8:00am kids arrive
8:30am run to drop physical form off at dr. office- sing several songs at the top of my lungs on the way and back, "This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made..." and "Rise and sine and give God the glory, glory, rise and shine and give God the glory, glory..."

8:45am run to Publix for some movie snacks for boys- popcorn is BOGO!!
9:15am 1 more boy shows up, start Lord of the Rings Fest 2007! - Fellowship of the Ring
watch TV for 3 hours and didn't finish movie

12 noon- make lunch, send one boy home
12:30pm pack all 5 boys up, take Steve his lunch and head to work
1-3 work while kids play in gym
3:15pm arrive at dr. office to find out a simple form will now cost me more headache than I want. Have I ever told you I'm not a dr. fan?

4:15pm arrive home with 5 hungry boys who pig out on ice cream
prepare for Bible study while boys skateboard and then watch TV- feed Early Bird decent food/fruit to hold him over through football practice tonight

4:30pm start dinner, something from my mom that only needs to be heated up
5:00pm 3 more boys leave
5:15pm make 2 hot dogs for Night Owl
5:30pm leave to take Steve dinner and head to football practice
5:45pm realize we forgot physical form, head back home
5:55pm just in the nick of time we made practice, I handed in form only to find out homeschool children are still considered to be on academic probation, so I fill out a form stating he's top in his class *smile*

6:05pm leave for Bible study that I should have at at 6pm to set-up etc. I hope I don't miss the babysitters!

6:15pm arrive and no I didn't miss the babysitters!!
6:30-8:30pm Bible Study, what a great night on patience- good stuff
9:00pm get kids to bed
9:30pm finish up laundry, fold and put away 3 loads, talk with Steve
10:30pm now- blog and get ready to hit the hay!

Wow! I did do alot! And if you read all that- wow- don't you have something better to do? hehe
Goodnight all.


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