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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Day in the Life

*and yes it's my fav Beatles tune

Summer's going good, this week. While today I am writing about the good days, know there are bad ones too! We rely on God on those days *smile*

Anyway, this going good. Today we had to go do Early Bird's lawn account. He has 3 lawns that he mows, and being 13, mom is the driver and the fill in! So the the oldest boy i watch mowed for him. First I dropped him at the lawn, showed him what to do and then took the other 3 to the park. We played, mainly in the shade, after all it was 9:30am and 83 degrees!

40 minutes later we did a drive-by too check on him before "pokin' around" the Goodwill. Each kid had a quarter and Night Owl also had $2 and bought a box of legos; the red lego box, valued at $9.99 or more!! Boy do we know a Lego deal when we see one!

Went back to the lawn where I did my usual weedwacking and edging. We hauled it back to the house where we showered and had lunch before I headed to my 2nd day on my new job! I spent 2 hours there and then came home.

Now the children are gone and it's just my fam!

God has blessed me with such a peace I can't explain it. Don't get me wrong at times I look around that the storm around me and panic, my self is strong- God is stronger! and that Rocks my friends! That's real power and strength!

On a lighter note, some other fun summer facts are:

-i'm seriously thinking about getting 6 Rhode Island Reds, that chickens for all ya'll city slickers- eggs to eat and sell
-we catch an average of 2-5 grasshoppers a day
-we catch an average of at least 1 other bug a day
- we store these creatures in an old peanut butter jar, the first pb jar used up this summer!
-i had the chance to make a pit stop, long weekend that is, in my hometown in new england. it had been 2 years and it was strange being a stranger in my own hometown- a small town of around 6,500 people.
-we're going to be having our annual Lord of the Rings Fest- a week dedicated to watching all of the Lord of the Rings movies back to back ALL. WEEK. LONG. Fun, lots of fun- so to my runaway child, yes you know who you are- the only other one of my type i'll claim, anyway you are welcome to come- i hope you do. sniff, sniff
- we have not given our kittens away, yet? any takers?
-if last year was a summer of knowledge, this summer is the summer of videography. They play outside great still, trampoline the best thing for active children, but when they're in it's either PS2, computer, DS, movie editing, movie producing

Just another recap of my day,


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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great recap! And that was one heck of a deal on those legos. Just what the lego room needed. Can't wait to see what they build next :)


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