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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Go, Fight, Win!

Signed Early Bird up for Pop Warner football today.
He's getting so big, I tear up inside every time we do anything like this. He's in the highest division this year, Midgets, I love that- the largest kids are called midgets- keep 'em humble.

Anyway he weighed in at 142 and stands 5 foot 9 inches :-( What happened to my preemie?

This is our 4th year of Pop Warner and I'm beginning to feel like a veteran. I'm excited to attend practices, visit with parents, work the concession stand and most importantly I'm resting my vocal cords for Saturdays games! I have been practicing in my head the words I will utter yell each week:

"HIT SOMEONE!!!!" That's what I'm known for.


Although our last years QB isn't returning so Early Bird is considering trying out? He's tall, he's smart, afterall he's homskoled homescooled homeschooled, and he has a pretty decent arm. Although as I write this he informs me that no, he'll probably stay with his other positions, afterall he likes to hit.

Yes, my gentle little man likes to hit, and like his momma says:


I've loaded up on ice packs and water bottles, sunscreen and red and black outfits. We are the Cudas, Barracudas that is, and the red and black rule the field!! My umbrella has been located, a new football item I was unaware of being from the north. For those of you that are wondering Saturday games in the south are hot, hot, hot- so to protect ones self from the Florida sun one brings an umbrella to the stands.

So the football basket is out, ready to house the cleats and the pads and the helmet and all the other football gear.

And in the midst of all this, the reality of life has hit home. Children will grow up and one day, in the not so near future I'm afraid, mine will be gone.

Until then, my vocal cords are ready, my outfits are clean and I'm ready for some football !!


For you viewing pleasure, and to put a little fear in any Div 1 Pop Warner teams in FL, here's a barracuda, a mean fish in our sea.

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