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Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Soap Box... for a minute

We don't have cable.
Or dish network.
We have an antenna.
Old school style.

When we travel the kids don't have a portable DVD player.

My kids are good travelers.

I bring this up because recently I've had several conversations with moms who say they just can't live without TV for their kids. Thinking of a trip in the car without the DVD player on is a form of torture for some moms. An afternoon without a movie playing freaks them out!

Are you kidding me?

I didn't realize we as moms had become so wimpy. Yes I'll most likely get some slack form this but those that know me know I don't expect you to behave as I do. Believe me my children will be lined up for therapy as soon as they leave my house.

But com'on. You're child needs to watch TV while traveling to the grocery store, that is, if you are brave enough to take them- but that's another post.

How did our grandmothers make it, or our great grandmothers? Heck how did Noah's wife do it with her 8 children and all those animals!

I encouraged a friend this week to not take her DVD on the plane for her 3 young children. She freaked at first but I received an e-mail explaining that she successfully did it!

Can you imagine that. Her children survived on a plane for 2 hours without watching TV! Good job!

So let me step on my soap box for a little bit. When our children are allowed to watch a screen everywhere they go they will miss out of the beautiful scenery that God gave us to enjoy on road trips. The experience of flying, looking out the window observing the sights and sounds around them are missed when DVD's are on the plane.

I am of the mind set that televsion numbs the brain, puts it to sleep.

Misbehaved children, antsy children, whinny children often times don't know how to entertain themselves, or be alone wiht themselves for 2 minutes. They depend on mom or TV or something to entertain them. Have fun when they grow up.

Turn off your TV's parents and sing with your kids.

Play I-Spy,
search for road signs and license plates.

Spot tiny buildings and house outside plane windows.

Enjoy your kids! One day they will be gone.

Stretch minds, awaken the brain cells and teach your children to be satisfied just as they are with nothing else. To be satisfied and happy without all the extra junk.

So that's my 2 cents.

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