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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Arriving Home

Tonight I went out with my girlfriends. We were celebrating a birthday.

It's time to get going when the birthday girl says- "I'm not going home after this, I'm going out, anyone wanna come?"

One friend jumps in on it, after all a night out for her certainly requires arriving home after the twins, age 5, and the little one, age 3, all boys mind you, are tucked nicely in bed.

They decided they will go to... are you ready...


Yes, what a sad place we live in that Wal-mart is the after party for a group of us 30-something mamas. But... Birthday girl had been instructed to not come home without baby wipes- so Wal-mart it was.

So we did it. We spent over an hour walking around Wally World.

Got the wipes, browsed around crafts, a little slice of heaven at Wal-mart, lingered through housewares and the books. Discovered that we cannot purchase the longer lasting, energy efficient light bulbs for night lights, talked extensively about the games we needed to buy for our next game night, and ended up buying Don't Break the Ice- twin Mama did, not me, and then spent too much time mulling over the sunblock.

So I made it home to find hubs passed out while the kids waited up nicely in bed for their Mama to arrive home.

I got 20 questions.

From a 13 and 11 year old. Boys, both of them.

They asked things like what did she get for her birthday? What kind of cake and ice cream did she have? (they were disappointed to hear it was Key Lime pie- yum, yum) They even asked how the fellowship was? Did I enjoy my friends? and What took me so long?

What sweet boys I have. Sniff, sniff. That they care enough to wait up for me and ask me about my night.

It was good night and I didn't mind Wal-mart, afterall it's the company you keep not the place one goes. It was free and I got to talk and enjoy my friends. They inspire me. To, spend more time with them, to overcome fears, to be a little more concerned about things- although I may just tear a playing card for the fun of it (inside joke). Seriously the fact that these people will walk around Wal-mart with me for an hour just blesses my heart.

I love my friends.

I'm blessed.



Kelly said...

Found your blog from Boomama and I had to laugh at this post. I can so relate! My friends and I used to joke that Walmart was a date night for us with our husbands when the kids were babies, so it totally makes sense to hang there with your girlfriends too!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Wal-Mart can be fun (without the kids though). I'm the same way though. That would be a big night out for me :) Glad you had a nice time!


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