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Friday, November 30, 2007

Day ? See, I've Forgot Already.

So the daily blogging thing didn't even make it a week! I shall press on.

My dad came into town yesterday and I rode with Steve all day, my day off, doing deliveries and then a meeting last night - blogging didn't make the cut.

Now today my oldest is 14-years-old and I have nothing fabulous to write. I'm happy that he and his brother, and my dad, all went out and about with my mom tonight and then to stay the night, all but my dad. So I'm happy to be kid free!! Is that a good b-day letter? Love you V.

School was great this week! We covered a lot of our magnet unit and will finish it up next week. Then, I'm not sure what we'll do. Right now I'm checking out doing some sort of unit on the Prophets of the Bible. I read in this book that studying the prophets in teen years is a good thing; although I don't remember why. I tell ya the mind's the first thing to go, hehe! We'll at least start by reading about them in the Bible.

Other subjects: math and science went well. Grammar and Greek/Latin were a blast! Yes, we started back to Greek/Latin; Rummy Roots makes it easy and I like this; only I need to come up with a creative way to teach it!

Well Steve's home so I gotta run.

V in the Last few years
At his best friends

With his cat G

My little man in the kitchen!

Schooling outside - experiment time!

He and I- 2 years ago:

He and I- 6 months ago.

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