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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Thanks giving is coming up!
I'm so excited! It's the one holiday we host!!
Steve and I both come from large, close families who gathered together at every holiday! When we lived in New England it was hard because that's where we're from, so that's where all our family is. See the tug on our time?
Anyway, praise God we live in Florida, now we are only near half the family. We have the best set up for a Thanksgiving dinner.
We line a table set for 20 in our dinning and living area!!

here's the menu, so far:
Turkey, made by Papou (grandfather in Greek)
Yia Yia Stuffing, made by Yiayia (grandmother in Greek)
Stove Top Stuffing - me
Mashed Potatoes - Yiayia
Spanakopita - me
Tiropita - Yiayia
Cranberry sauce - Rachel
Green Bean Casserole - Mimi, my mom
Gravy - Yiayia and Papou
Rolls - Mary
Greek Salad - Uncle Steve

Chocolate Cream - 2 me
Pumpkin - Mary
Apple - Mimi
other - Yiayia

Boy, that seems like a lot of food, but then again we have a lot of people to feed, and they're all considerably tall; Steve being the shortest. I pray we'll remember in the hustle and bustle of cooking and cleaning we remember the friends we made while at our retail lot who were homeless or in a hotel.

That's what I don't like about this season - the overindulgence. People are going without food much closer than we want to admit/notice. We spend and buy too much temporal, but that's another story, where's my soap box anyway?

Have a blessed one.

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