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Friday, November 02, 2007

A Fresh Sheet of Paper

I once heard or read Beth Moore talk about one of her daughters liking new notebooks for her classes throughout the year because it was a fresh start.

So this week in our home school we had a do over, a new begining, a fresh sheet of paper.

We layed back on school, still did it, just more review and reading.

It feels good to step back, clean out, organize (afterall we've moved our school stations and also moved dad' desk area back into the house)

So, as we begin fresh on Monday I thought I'd share with you what Treehouse Schoolhouse has evolved into, and it's always an evolving school to fit our current lifestyle.

This is Justin and mom's headquarters. It sits on a wall in our dinning room. The inning table is where J does his school. The crate on the bottom is where all of Justin's work goes. We're working on teaching him organizing skills so this all in one system works well.

Above it are his Language Arts and Science books that he's not working on. He does well with a mixture of curriculum. His math is taught by dad using Saxon 7/6, Grammar by mom using Winston Grammar and Greek and Latin roots by mom using English from the Roots up. Root words are great vocab builders.
Next, I have a shelf with Justin's reading books for the year as well as trays for me with folders for completed portfolio work and other supplemental materials.

On top are pens, pencils and ruler, root word cards, stuff we use on a daily basis. I also have this to remind us we are a school

Vaughan's area is at the end of the family computer station located in our breakfast "nook". I use quotation marks because the nook is kind of a pass through area. Anyway here's what it looks like.

At the closest end I have an old mailbox drawer (recycling old products) holding pens, calculator, sun block- Melaleuca go green!, next are Steve's books, laptop, printer and then V's school area and family computer station.

This is a close up.

The boys headphones sit in a basket under the monitor, as well as DIVE CD's for Saxon math and a magazine for V's article review. V moves the keyboard on the windowsill when he needs table space. I use a Martha Stewart hand towel to cover the computer screen.

The window that sits above the family desk has no curtain and it is a south facing window... so that means with winter coming and the sun getting lower in the southern sky, I need to make curtains for this window! Another project for another night!

Well I'm signing off for the weekend. Places to go and well, places to go.
Happy Weekend!
Good night all!


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