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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Holidays have Officially Arrived!

First of all, if you missed out on Publix Holiday Food Festival, you really missed out! After attending my mouth agrees that the holidays have truly arrived!

But don't worry if you did miss it because although you didn't get a FREE dinner last night you did not miss out on this cool video on how to roast and carve a turkey and how to make gravy. Yes, yes, many of you know this already - I just learned today! Now of course I have to wait until someone dies to get this job, we already have an expert turkey cooker and carver in the family, but I have been known to cook a thanksgiving dinner at various times throughout the year. You can also pick up a copy of the video for FREE at the store! I love Publix, don't you?! (and by the way, I price shopped and Publix actually beats the "other" store in our areas prices on a lot of items! - compare yourself and tell me what you find out!)

Back to the Food Festival: we ate thanksgiving dinner, two servings. A ham, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole dinner, pumpkin yogurt and egg nog, wedding cake cookies, ice cream on cones, sushi, chips, punch, soda, wine, coffee. Oh and with the coffee I discovered this new creamer:

That's be Pumpkin Spice flavor, yummy!

We also had lil smokies, which we bought and ate 2 packages of today! Pies, cookies and more.

It was a good time!
I bought the ham dinner for tonight as well as Publix sweet potatoes, which I ate for lunch and dinner! They are sprinkled with pecans, yum, yum. Of course I could learn to make it myself, but then again Publix doesn't have a video for that yet!!!

I also got to pick up a Publix reusable shopping bag! I was holding out for the green one! Isn't it cute!

I've added this to the 3 Wal-mart ones we currently use. If you haven't tried these bags they rock! First of all it's less bags than plastic, which id nicer to this earth god gave us,they're easier to carry with the nice long handle to go over your shoulder and reusable for carrying food to thanksgiving dinner to picnics; and they roll or fold up real small to store easily in your car. Yes, I have to store them in the car or, like when i first purchased them, you will be checking out and think "Darn it, i forgot my bags!"

here's the Wal-mart bags, classic black!

So that's what's been going on around here. I already can't wait til the Food Fest 2008!

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