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Thursday, October 30, 2008

33oC Recap (as well as a sick day 'round here)

Half my house is sick.
Most of the sickness happened while I was snuggly in my bed last night so this morning I've been mad cleaning and using the "extra-cleaning" setting on my washing machine.
We've taken a home school sick day, and believe me it takes a lot to do that.

I turned on the heat to help the sick ones out, perhaps one of only a handful of times we've ever turned it on! It's been chilly here in the Sunshine State.

33oC Recap
I think it went great last night!
Seems our skits are reaching all the ages and Kev's messages gets their attention. Still working on getting both up on youtube... my techie has been busy with something called 9th grade.

We run about 120 students and it amazes me to see them all quiet and attentive. What sinks into their little scraggly heads and what they are thinking about it a whole different story, but they are there.
I pray the Lord will use us on Wednesdays to reach these students for Christ.

My small group time went well, we did a little Bible history and they are very hungry to learn more. Kevin talked about Abraham and Isaac and the paraplegic guy who was let down by his friends through the roof to see Jesus and then in our small group we learned about Joseph, his brothers and their reunion. We viewed these stories from the point of the selfless acts of these men and in one case the selfless acts of a group of friends.

I challenged my girls to be intentional in just 1 act of unselfishness this week.
Just 1 act.
They had to think of it and then share it- out loud.
Next week I'll ask and they'll need to share how they did.
Harder for some than others, but completely doable.
I'm excited to hear back how it went for them and how putting themselves on the back-burner effected them.

I don't know about you, but it challenges me to be selfless.
I'm a pretty selfish person.
Sometimes it's outward, other times inward; either way I like for things to go my way, be my way and work out best for me or my kids.
I too, must be intentional at times in my selflessness, I like my Wed night girls, have spoken out loud how I will, through the help of the Lord, be intentionally selfless this week. For me it happens to be in an area I simply don't want to be selfless in.

Why do I fight so hard?

Psalm 119: 36-37
Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish
Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life
according to your word.

Now I challenge you- toward who, or in what situation can you be a little less selfish this week? Is it in obedience toward God like Abraham? In forgiving a wrong done to you like Joseph? Maybe it's in a tangible act for someone else, like the paraplegics friends. Whatever it is I pray you'd step out and do it.

Michelle <><

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Amanda said...

Ahh so timely. Thanks for the Word.
The girls sound so fun and come on Pastor need to get those videos up I need them!


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