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Friday, October 10, 2008

7 Degrees of Blogging

Kind of like the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon.
I find myself in the neatest places sometimes by linking to blogs from other blogs I enjoy.

It was this post by In the Midst of It that lead me to this blog where I found the directions to make this Patchwork Kitchen Mat.

So I spent my day off putting this together. Mine isn't patchwork and I made it much larger, about 3 feet by 3.5 feet, to cover most of the area that seems to get dripped on regularly.

Close-up. I got the fabric on sale at JoAnn last weekend.
Two things came together to create the following.
First a friend of mine showed up with 3 bar stools for me last weekend.
Second I had a bunch of denim fabric leftover from kitchen mat.
The chairs are in great shape except for the yucky purple covers.
Here's the before picture, I tried and tried this pic just would not post straight.
I took the old cover off and cut the remaining denim fabric to cover the base.
Ta, da!
Here's the finished product!

Now I plan to move on to something Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, depends on what time allows. I hope to try this gingerbread ornament and these ornaments.


coldbayprincess said...

nice job i'm impressed!

Superhero Mom said...

You go girl! WOW! You never cease to amaze me! Man, I had so much blog reading to catch up on! You have been a busy little blogger haven't you! Hugs and Kisses today!


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