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Thursday, October 23, 2008

33oC and Operation Christmas Child

Last night at 33oC Kev spoke on selfishness. A good sermon, we're working on getting them up on youtube; anyway as i began to think about it I thought why not for small group actually DO something unselfish.
So for our small group time my girls and I headed to do some Christmas shopping. We filled a large shoebox with all kinds of goodies for a 5-9 year old girl in another country.

We are going through a program called Operation Christmas Child, here's what it's about, from their website:
Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to children in desperate
situations around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes and the Good News of
God’s love. Since 1993, more than 61 million shoe boxes have been packed,
shipped, and delivered across the globe. People of all ages can be involved in
this simple, hands-on missions project while focusing on the true meaning of
Christmas—Jesus Christ.National Collection Week is November 17-24.

Here's out box o'goodies:

I can't tell you how precious it is to see 11th grade girls picking out items for a child across the globe, not to mention the conversations in the car ride regarding their own selfishness.

And to think I had a rough day and was ready to call it quits before youth even started, glad I stuck with it. God is good.


One more thing- had an interesting run-in/conversation with a wandering addict last night outside youth. My heart goes out to someone that desperate, her story would probably break our hearts. Next time you see a "wanderer" say a prayer for them, there is a hope for him/her.

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