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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This and That Update

Cross country meet:
Last night was another beach meet. Our poor cross country kids, I don't think they know what a real cross country course looks like, but I'll take the beach meet any day!

Anyway last night was the second beach meet and it amazes me how those kids can all run the 5k on the beach, with sunbathers and an incoming tide!

Some looked like it was little effort while others looked as though they should have dropped to their knees about a mile ago.

Vaughan did great, over the previous 3 races his time has been 29, 25 and 23 minutes, last night he was back at 25 something. Not super great times but the improvement is what matters. The soft sand and wind made it a slower course for everyone.

After the meet we stopped by and picked up the remaining fabric for my new curtains, hip, hip hooray- a project 5 years in the making and then scooted off to Justin's karate class where he was promoted to his orange belt!

Exciting night 'round here, now if only I could:
tame the paper monster that is overtaking my dining table,
sweep the dirt floor to tile again,
find a home for 2 of the remaining kittens,
purge my sewing room and assemble it back together, and last but certainly not least if I could
hire a cook
then all will be well.

Another bonus to having teenagers around, not only do they handle ALL your electronic needs they also DJ pretty well. Right now I'm getting a good mix of the 70's, 80's and 90's. It's also a good mix of genre- right now "Sweet Child of Mine" Guns and Roses, I've heard it'll be some Fleetwood Mac next.

1 comment:

coldbayprincess said...

how experience of a cook are you looking for??? willing?
didn't the dish washer you hire last request fall through! (smile)


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