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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Family Night #1

Our family nights seem to come about at odd times.

In this season of life nights as a family are hard to come by. Between karate, guitar, youth group, x-country and overtime our busiest time of the day is between 4-8 or 9pm.

Since my family is my favorite group of people to be with we morphed our Family Nights into Family Mornings! We're all up together from about 6-8 each morning, so that's when we hang, grab breakfast out or just all ride to drop Vaughan off at school together.

Of course every part of themed Family Nights thrills me to the bone.
Did I mention you need to go to H's site and check out her Family Nights link on her sidebar. You'll be glad you did, really.

I did plan a Bowling Night; my cousin was in town, we invited my mom over. I had great plans to eat the themed food and my house has the perfect bowling alley spot for some after dinner homestyle bowling.

In reality, this is how the evening went:
I prepared the meal and we all ate, except each plate had more meatballs *smile*

We then sat at the table and talked for about and hour and a half before heading to the beach for a walk.The End

So Family Nights really can take on any form- the point is family!
I suggest you join in at H's place, I look forward to seeing your ideas.

Hmmm... we have a x-country meet an hour away this weekend, I sense a Family Night in the car!


Anonymous said...

Oh bowling night was one of my favorite nights. I hope you enjoyed it. Great job. H

Amanda said...

LOVE IT. So glad were recording these moments and being intentnioallol


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