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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Orange Belt and Outside My House

Thought it was only natural to post pictures of the new orange belt!
October marks the 1 year for Justin in karate, it was something he mulled over in his mind for close to a year before taking the plunge. More of an artist, musician and solo sport player Justin's sports journey took him through t-ball, baseball and soccer before landing at a sport he loves= karate.

Now onto outside things here at the Span Ranch.
I always thought it was funny that we entertain and hang out more in our front yard than our back. It's the nature of our house and not having anyone around us it's not like our front yard is exposed to the world. Then when I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding I didn't feel so bad about front yeard entertaining.
So, last fall we layed a small amount of pavers out front to form the path to our new front door. Eventually the pavers will be extended to form a medium sized patio for outside eating and entertaining.
Phase 2: This fall I plan to pave under this table:

This table use to sit at the local airport's outside eating area, my mom's neighbor had it and when they moved they didn't want to take it, so naturally I jumped in and snagged it.
Reduce, reuse, recycle.
As you can see I've started to lay the bricks, of course Steve will come in, tear it all up, bring in the tractor and lay them the right way. My pre-lim work will just show how many pavers/bricks we need; which I am on the lookout for more pavers, so if you know of any I could pick up for free or cheap I'd love to know about it- I'm not concerned with style of paver, I can make it all fit.

As I'm outside working, I look up at the neighbors fence and see this:

One of the cats we feed hanging out on their fence surveying all I'm doing.
Good times.


Juan Carlos Castellanos said...

You have a lovely cats. Im married but I dont have kids yet.
I want talk (or write) with a people of another countries and cultures.

Amanda said...

Lol. I loved Justin getting his belt, what a trooper it takes time to get those belts!

Outside can you come over and be creative here. Volts mom is coming soon and boy do we have some work to do before she comes! lol


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