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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Corn Maze Adventure

I have wanted to go through a corn maze for a long time. When I first saw a picture of a crop circle as a child I have had a yearning to walk through a field with crops or grass or corn forming the walls that surround me.
Well yesterday I got to cross this off my life's to do list.
Along with our homeschool group we visited Long and Scott's Farm. Hot, yes; fun, yes; visit again, yes. Enjoy the pics...

The scarecrow was a bite freaky and yet somewhat cool.

The theme this year for the corn maze was John Deer.

Here is a picture of the 2 mazes. The one on the top is a 6-acre maze with 5 "stations" you have to visit, the maze below is a 1-acre maze, again with 5 stations.

And we're off!

A view from the bridge in the large maze, you can kind of see the paths?

We split into smaller groups and each group was given a flag. If we ever decided we were lost all we needed to do was wave the flag and the "Maze Master" would come and save us. We never had to use it.

There was much more than just the mazes. A rock labyrinth, a midst maze, a 60-foot slide, picnic tables, fishing pond and child's play area rounded off the days activities.

Another surprise in my list of Florida activities to do.

now that's 2 places to visit when you make it to the lower 48

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