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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Petrified Randomess

We've been in a cleaning mode lately. Purging and cleaning. After the summer the house seems to be ready for it. Boys and shoes. Kids and shoes really. I'm amazed at how quickly they either grow out of them or destroy them. Here's the latest from Justin:

Now onto the boys room.
I don't clean their room much, on a day to day or week to week I leave that responsibility to them. Well this weekend after a mandatory sweep: that's when everything except the bed and dressers come out of their room, anyway during this bi-annual sweep we found this; tucked nicely on top of a rubbermaid drawer set and under Vaughan's stack of Halloween masks.
Yes it is a lizard.
A dead one.
A petrified one.
Nice isn't it.
We're calling it home school Science- I feel better about my parenting /housekeeping skills that way.

Side note: it helps to label anything crazy in the house as a home school experiment, mold, illness, leftovers no one want to throw out, weird smells, snakes in cages and an odd collection of bugs gathered in one place with hopes they'll fight, all things that fall under "home school experiment" you don't even have to technically home school to use this term either, so please use it freely.

For a kid who is particular about his stuff-Vaughan sure missed this one!
Please look no further than the lizard, the pet hair is what makes me want to move out.

Now onto nicer things like kittens.
My sister-in-law and my nephews were over this weekend and my nephew, the one who I helped birth!!!!!!!! was here as well.
They are taking 2 of our kittens and Andrew just loves them. He's always loved kittens and here he is with 2 of them.

He's holding the one kitten I think we're keeping, shhh don't tell Steve. Her name is Injy Miry. She was stepped on by Vaughan one morning last week and we thought she was going to die, in comes the name Injy short for injury. Really she was lifeless and limp for several hours, he had stepped on her, while running, with his heel and saw her swish, eyes bulging and tongue out of the mouth. We kept her body temp up with blankets and when Momma Cat was sleeping we scooted Injy to her side. After about 8 hours she began to look better. She ate and threw up. She slept, and slept and slept. 24 hours from the squishing and she was walking around and in 48 hours it looked like a full recovery. It's been a week now and we simply call it a miracle, adding Miry to her name.
We prayed and God anwered, I tell her every day she has a Creator that loves and cares even for her. Encouraging for me to hear as well, how much more valuable are we than kittens in His sight.
Then of course who couldn't resist putting one into Steve's pocket.

One more picture to round out this post. Here's Justin and Scott on our way to or from lunch on Sunday. I really like the color swap feature on our camera. 2 years and I just now found this.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of my randomness.

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Katie said...

Great randomness...I love it...the kittens are adorable! And I really like your new layout too :)


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