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Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's Hear it For the Boy!

Ten bucks to the first person to tell me the movie the title of this post is from. (actually not really ten bucks, just a yippy at ya!)

This post is dedicated to my man.
I don't get to be on the job with him as much as I'd like but today I had a chance to take some pics of the place he's been working on for the past 2 months.

Here's the outside of the building, he didn't do any of this work I just wanted to show it.

Oh and for those who don't know Steve is a jack of all many trades, master of a few. He's done everything from teach elementary, middle and high school, to working as an aircraft electrician in the Air Force to selling cemetery plots and making orange juice. Currently he is delivering the newspaper, installing windows part time, full time, whenever time and is working his own business as a carpenter/handyman. I'm so happy for him because in the 15 years we've been married he's really enjoyed finish carpentry work the best and it's been a dream job for him. The current job is a new outfitter store going in and it's been all custom work.

Anyway the front of the building:

Perhaps one of my favorite features is the entrance floor. Here's a shot through the front door.
A fish on the outside and their store initials on the inside. Very cool.

Here's the view of the shop from the front door. Steve's work is all along the outside walls, another friend build the freestanding cabinets.

One wall, all the cubbies and TV center with mini Florida tin-cracker roof were all custom made by my man!

Here's the displays behind the counter. The two pieces on the ends are IKEA and are sitting on top of some more of Steve's handiwork.

Another view of the entertainment center. Fishing shows and how-to's will play, while books line the shelves. This whole shop went from the mind of our friend, to paper, to Steve's magic!

Here's a view from where I'll be most, in the back.

This shop actually belongs to some of our friends and the "she" of the pair has her office in the back.
That's Steve in the front window and his cubbie work below the windows. The tough part about this job is that the building is way old and square corners were virtually non-existent.

Above the kitchen area he built great storage for inventory.

The back view, Steve's temp shop! He chose the Auburn tent because it was on sale and was NOT the FSU tent; funny because the couple who own the shop are FSU grads and if you know anything about the south and college football then you know this tent could have gotten Steve fired form this job!

So that's it, now you have a taste of what the other half of me does all day while I'm blogging here at home.
Happy day!


tessahjake said...

I miss you guys too. And since we just got our first snow.. I miss the NSB too!

Simply Dani said...



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